8 Amazing Benefits of Bay Leaf

Bay leaves have been around for centuries. The Greeks used them as wreaths for their rulers, and were given to the winners of contests in Rome, and today, it has a special place in many hearths and home. But you see, aside from being used to represent wisdom and even adding that extra punch to your meals, bay leaves were also used to treat various ailments too. Not everyone is aware of the benefits that are associated with bay leaves so you might be surprised that they have tons to offer in terms of health and wellness. Here are 8 benefits that you should know of.

Speeds up wound healing

There have been many cultures that used bay leaves to treat their wounds, especially cuts and scrapes, and based on research, these leaves are actually quite effective in speeding up the wound healing process. This is useful if you don’t want to rely on over-the-counter medications so much.

Treats diabetes

Another benefit that has been linked to bay leaf is that it is actually useful in treating type 2 diabetes. This is due tot the fact that the leaves can reduce the cholesterol, blood glucose, as well as triglyceride levels of an individual. You can powder the leaves and consume them for a month to see a massive change to your blood sugar levels.

Repels insect

You can also use bay leaf to repel insects which means that you can forego the use of commercial insect repellants. This is useful when you are trying to reduce your exposure to chemical laden products that are absorbed easily in your skin. To use the leaves, you can simply crush them and apply on areas of your skin that are frequented by insects. Bay leaf oil can be used the same way. Just make sure that you apply it before you leave your home.

Improves digestion

Another benefit that is linked to bay leaves is that it is actually good in boosting your digestion. It can even prevent flatulence as well as heartburn. Make a bay leaf tea with hot water to help alleviate digestive problems such as acid reflux, constipation, and even irregular bowel movements just to name a few. The bay leaf has enzymes that promote protein breakdown so you can add this to your meal if you are a non-vegetarian.

Comes with anti-cancer properties

Bay leaf contains vitamin C which is the same thing that you will find in lemons. This particular leaf contains high amounts of vitamin C which not only acts as a powerful antioxidant, but it also comes with catechin, parthenolide and caffeic acid which have been found to reduce the growth of cancer cells.

Treats colds and infection

Another benefit that you can get from bay leaf is that you will be able to use it to treat symptoms of flu, cold, as well as infections. If you have respiratory issues, you should boil some water then add 2 to 3 bay leaves into the mix. Let it steam for about 10 minutes. You should soak a cloth in this water then place on your chest to help ease the cough, flu, and cold.

Reduces risk of heart attack

What else can you get from bay leaf? Well, it has a powerful plant pigment which is called rutin which is known to strengthen your arteries as well as veins. It keeps blood clots from forming too.

Alleviates menstrual problem

If you are suffering from menstrual problems, taking bay leaves orally can help bring back your normal period in no time.

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