Healthy PicksConsume Banana Tea on a Regular Basis and Enjoy...

Consume Banana Tea on a Regular Basis and Enjoy These Benefits

A lot of herbal teas good for dealing with a range of health problems can be made by snipping off part plants in the garden or obtaining tea bags from health foods stores which then have to be steeped in boiling water.

Did you know that there is one type of herbal tea that you can make from a fruit that is almost always present in most kitchens? This beneficial beverage is the banana tea.

We all know that adding fresh bananas in the diet on a regular basis does so many wonders. These tropical fruits are capable of anything from warding off constipation to lowering the blood pressure.

You can take advantage of the numerous perks bananas bring in a whole new way, and that’s by turning them into tea. It’s really very easy to do!

Certainly, the best banana for the job is the organic kind — you can be sure that it’s something that won’t introduce all sorts of chemicals into your body, like synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

By opting for an organic banana when making banana tea, you can be sure that the health benefits associated with the said herbal tea can be maximized.

There are lots of things that a cup of banana tea can offer, and they will be discussed later on in this article. But first let’s learn how you can make banana tea from scratch:


1 medium sized banana (organic)

6 cups of water

Honey or cinnamon powder


In a medium-sized stainless steel pot, bring 6 cups of water to a boil.

While waiting for the water to boil, wash the banana and carefully slice off the ends.

As soon as the water starts boiling, use a tong to place the banana in it.

Let the banana steep there for about 10 minutes.

Remove from heat and let the freshly-made banana tea cool for a bit.

Using a tong, remove the banana.

Carefully transfer the banana tea to a pot. Add a little honey or cinnamon powder to taste.

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See how simple it is to make banana tea? The recipe above is good for making up to 6 servings of banana tea. Store the remaining in the refrigerator and simply reheat every cup of it that you wish to drink in the microwave.

The addition of a little honey or cinnamon powder makes the herbal tea taste wonderful. However, many people feel that there is no need for them to add honey or cinnamon powder as the tea kind of tastes fine.

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So now it’s time for us to check out some of the perks that you can get from consuming banana tea:

It helps you get a good night’s sleep.

Many people swear by the effectiveness of having a cup of banana tea at bedtime in dealing with insomnia. It’s like a sleeping pill that you drink, but it doesn’t come with all sorts of unfavorable side effects that tend to make their presence known the next day.

It lowers your blood pressure.

Are you hypertensive or somewhere near it, according to your doctor? Then you will benefit from regularly consuming banana tea because potassium in it can help lower the blood pressure. But let your doctor know about your plan on taking the tea if you are already on blood pressure meds.

It boosts digestion.

Having a cup of banana tea right after having a square meal can help in improving the process of digestion, making it a lot easier for your body to digest food and absorb their nutrients. Banana tea can also keep indigestion and acid reflux from striking after eating.

It strengthens your immune system.

Banana tea is actually rich in vitamin C, and this is the reason why enjoying a cup of it on a regular basis can help in making your immune system really strong. You will notice the difference most especially when the flu or cold season is around.

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