Nutrition List of Vitamins and Minerals Ideal for Men

List of Vitamins and Minerals Ideal for Men

We all know how important it is to get vitamins and minerals into our system to help keep our body functioning at 100%, but with the kind of lifestyle that we are following, we are definitely missing several important nutrients that put us at risk of health issues. As a matter of fact, a high percentage of men are seriously lacking vitamins and minerals due to intake of foods that are rich in fat and salt content. Studies show that most men don’t have enough magnesium in their body, as well as vitamin D, and vitamin B12 just to name a few.

It’s not too late to start changing your diet to include foods that can deliver these much needed nutrients. If you are wondering what vitamins and minerals you should have, here is a list for you to consider.

Vitamin D

Both men and women are seriously lacking this vitamin especially those who are living in colder climates including those who prefer to stay indoors. Men need this vitamin in order to produce more testosterone in order to regulate cholesterol and blood pressure, prevent mood swings, boost bone health, and protect brain health too. Among the best sources of vitamin D include dairy products, eggs, and certain types of mushrooms. Exposure to sun is always the best way to get vitamin D. So spend around 15 to 20 minutes outdoors without wearing any sunscreen to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

Antioxidant Vitamins

Antioxidant vitamins like vitamins A, C, and E are necessary to fight the free radicals that are causing damage to your body. They are also capable of keeping signs of aging at bay which means that you will be able to look younger than your years when you add foods that contain these vitamins in your diet. Think citrus fruits for vitamin C to boost your immune system and squash, carrots, and the like for your vitamins A and E.

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Vitamin B12

Men and women tend to have low vitamin B12 levels in their body although their reasons vary. For guys, although they are eating beef, eggs, and the like that contain this vitamin, their body is still not capable of absorbing most of it due to the medications that they are taking. If you are taking medications, it is best that you consult with your doctor on how to elevate your vitamin B12 levels.


Low potassium levels can pose a serious threat to your health as it increases your risk of suffering from heart problems like stroke, high blood pressure, and the like. The good news is that you can raise your potassium levels by eating beans, sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, beef, and salmon regularly. There are also medications that can raise your potassium levels so consider asking your doctor about it.

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Omega-3 fish oils

Another mineral that should be present in your diet is omega-3 fatty acids because it can help keep any inflammation in your body down to a minimum. What’s more, omega-3 fatty acids can also help keep your heart and brain functioning properly so you will always be in the best of health. Since most guys prefer to eat meat, make it a point to add fresh seafood like salmon, tuna, and the like to your diet at least once or twice a week to get this mineral. If you are not into fish, there are supplements available that can provide you with the nutrients that fish has.

These are just a few examples of vitamins and minerals that men should make a point of adding to their diet in order to stay healthy and strong. Adding these foods to your diet is guaranteed to boost your overall health.

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