Healthy PicksReasons for Water Retention and How to Prevent It

Reasons for Water Retention and How to Prevent It

Water retention can occur from time to time where fluid is retained by the body causing you to appear bloated. This can happen in your circulatory system, or within cavities or tissues. This can trigger swelling in your hands, feet, legs, as well as ankles.

There are several factors that can cause your body to retain water. It can be that you are pregnant or nearing your monthly period. It can also occur when you have been traveling long distances causing you to sit for several hours. A sedentary life is also likely to cause you to bloat too. However, there is a dark side to water retention and that is putting you at risk of hypertension, kidney problems, and even cardiac arrest. This is why it is important for you to flush out excess fluids from your body or prevent build up in the long run.

Preventing Water Retention

Is it possible to stop water from being retained in your body? How can this be done? If you are one of those individuals who often experience swelling in their hands and feet, these tips might be of good use to you.

Boost your magnesium intake. One of the steps to preventing water retention is to have more magnesium in your system. This particular mineral plays an important role in your body as it is involved in numerous functions. It can also prevent water retention from occuring which is why adding foods that are rich in magnesium to your diet is highly recommended. Think nuts, leafy vegetables, and dark chocolate as these are all sources of this mineral.

Get a foot massage. If your feet are swollen because of water retention, you can treat them with a little foot massage. Massaging your feet can help stimulate blood flow which can remove excess water. You can massage your feet on your own or have someone else do it for you. Another plus to getting a foot massage is that it can alleviate the feeling of stress.

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Add more potassium to your diet. Another way to prevent bloating or water retention is to consume foods that are rich in potassium. Potassium assists in sending electrical impulses to the brain and heart so that you will stay healthy. There are two ways in which eating foods that have potassium can benefit you. One, it can make you urinate more frequently and two, it reduces your sodium levels thus preventing water retention.

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Epsom salts help. Epsom salts are often used to ease fatigue and pain from the body and it can also be used to reduce swelling on muscles. What this type of salt can do is to improve circulation in the body so that it will make the swelling go down and to alleviate any aches and pains that you might be feeling. Doing an Epsom Salt bath can help flush out excess fluids in your body so any swelling in your ankles, legs, feet, and even hands can be minimized.

Reduce salt intake. Another solution to preventing water retention is to reduce your intake of foods that are high in salt content. Salt is a combination of sodium and chloride where sodium is bound to the water in the body and regulate the balance of fluids. Consuming too much sodium can upset this balance causing your body to retain water in the process.

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