FitnessSupplement Stacks for your Workout

Supplement Stacks for your Workout

People exercise to promote their health and improve their physique and well-being. Secondary factor is the prevention of illness. Along with exercise, nutrition plays a vital role in the improvement of one’s health. This aspect involves consumption of natural food selections; however, some fitness enthusiasts opt to integrate supplement intake to reach their goals. In line with this, the following are the supplement stacks people use to achieve their goals.

Whey Protein

One of the most common supplements fitness enthusiasts use is whey protein. It is a mixture of globular proteins derived from whey, the liquid material formed as by-product of cheese formation. According to Authority Nutrition, whey protein is rich in a wide range of essential amino acids, which the body absorbs quickly. As per the publication, studies have also revealed that whey protein can help a person boost his strength, gain muscle, and lose excess body fat. It is added that whey protein has demonstrated its ability to manage conditions like depression and increase in blood pressure and blood sugar levels, along with management of HIV and cancer symptoms.


Casein is a relative of whey, as it is also a protein derivative; however, it is designed for a different role in fitness. According to Men’s Fitness, casein is able to provide steady supply of amino acids to the bloodstream and it could last for hours, as compared to the fast acting whey protein. As per the publication, drinking a glass of casein-rich milk is suggested before going to sleep and is seen as more helpful than other protein variants.

Mass Gainers

Mass gainers, as the name implies, help a person gain considerable amount of muscle mass. This is one of the supplements that transform skinny individuals to massive ones. According to Body Building, the supplement helps a person obtain the amount of calorie he needs, if the current diet cannot supply it. As per the publication, mass gainers also stand as the single most important part of gaining muscle, since calories and extra protein aid in muscle growth.

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Creatine is another supplement commonly found in supplement stack lists. In a statement, as cited by Men’s Fitness, Supplement Research Foundation and certified sports nutritionist Rehan Jalali said that creatine was the most research proven sports supplement in the market today. The supplement is usually part of the muscle building supplement stacks, as it helps provide the body energy to push the last few repetitions during training.

Creatine also helps a person lose fat, but the bulk it gives vary from person to person, according to Performance Nutrition at Precision Nutrition Director Brian St. Pierre. In a study analysis published in the “Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research,” findings revealed that people who took creatine were eight percent stronger on their max load and were able to finish 14 percent more reps as compared to usual.

Testosterone Supplements

Some men include testosterone supplements in their stack list. It is the male hormone that give’s the male characteristics, such as increase in muscle mass, bone density, and body hair. According to Body Building, the hormone is also responsible for muscle gain and fat loss. As per the publication, naturally promoting testosterone improves the body’s function to raise a higher ratio of muscle to fat. It is added that the supplement is supported by herbs like Icariin and Divanil, as well as synthetic Aromatise Inhibitors lie ATD, 6-OXO, and 6-Bromodione.

Some people choose to include supplements in their exercise and nutritional regimen. Given that such provide benefit to one’s health and fitness, one should still remember that the totality of health is achieved through regular physical activity, natural food, and adequate rest, among others.

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