Healthy Picks The Amazing Benefits of the Humble Cabbage

The Amazing Benefits of the Humble Cabbage

The cabbage is a part of the cruciferous family or Cruciferae that includes the family of vegetables that are green and tend to develop from a bulbous structure. This family includes bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and garden cress with cabbage being one of the most antioxidant-packed compared to its cousins. Known to be low in nutrients and being one of the cheapest vegetables you can find in the market and packed with nutrients. It is more filling than it looks and when it cooked a little bit becomes quite sweet with a pleasant crunch and subtle flavor. When fresh it can be chopped finely and mixed into salads, rice and or as a plain side with a bit of black pepper and maybe 2-3 drops of lemon to freshen your palate and lighten your meat overdosing.

It is easy to involve a lot of cabbage in your diet and juicing vegetables is not the only way to do it. Making a cabbage soup or chicken cabbage soup is a lot more fulfilling to consume than some fad diet smoothie that will also work but is sad and probably lacks essential fats.

Immune Booster

Cabbage is so healthy that it even stimulates the production and development of certain white blood cells.

Eases or Prevent Ulcers and Gastritis

Cabbage is just being a vegetable and vegetables act as a hay stack absorbing acid for those who are extra acidic or are ulcer sufferers. Its level of phytonutrients makes it one of the most effective in calmin stomach moodiness and cramps, eating more cabbage everyday reduces your chances of stomach and colon cancer.

Cancer Fighting

Speaking of stomach and colon cancer cabbage is proven to be beneficial in preventing or easing cancer in general. Cabbage contains sulforaphane which explains its sulfuric aroma, this natural chemical helps in blocking of carcinogens from interacting with our cells. Cabbage stimulates the body’s self-healing capabilities and other organic chemicals found in it are proven to fight other cancers such as prostate and breast.

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Better Blood Production

Cabbage juice is packed with large amounts of folic acid, which stimulates the creation of new blood cells in the body. That’s why drinking raw cabbage juice is highly recommended as a natural treatment of anemia.

Treatment for Arthritis

Selenium like many other vital trace minerals are necessary for overall smooth and healthy functioning of all the systems on a cellular level. It helps ease the pain of inflamed joints too.

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Boosts Heart AND Brain Function

Cabbage is rich in Vitamin K which prevents excessive bleeding and clots blood.Vitamin K helps strengthen bones and teeth more efficiently than calcium because calcium settles into deposits more easily. Cabbage is also high in anthocyanins which are water-soluble plant pigment molecules that doubles as cancer fighting antioxidants. This collection of nutrients help battle never damage, diabetes, cancers, hypertension and mood disorders.


This is why eating a lot of vegetables make you feel a lot less bloated and the smallest you can possibly be at that moment. It also greatly helps expel extra water content from the body in order to look leaner and feel lighter, more efficient.

Youth Defying

Cabbage has quite a bit of plant collagen and a high amount of vitamin C, both are key ingredients in many commercial and DIY facial products to keep in skin moisture, softness and tightness.

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