Natural Remedies for Urinary Retention

Urinary retention is defined as the inability to completely empty the bladder’s contents. It is characterized by a persistent urge to pee even after urinating. The volume of urine is obviously reduced, and it also comes out with less force and in a thin stream. It can be easy to tell that the bladder is not empty because, upon palpation, it is distended and tender.

Sometimes it is acute in nature, which means that it can take place abruptly, and it’s something that requires immediate medical attention. In some cases, urinary retention is the chronic kind. Chronic urinary retention may seem harmless initially, but in the long run it can damage the kidneys due to the increased volume of urine retained.

There are instances in which the problem is brought about by an obstruction, such as an enlarged prostate, presence of a tumor, formation of stones in the urinary tract, or scarring of the urethra. Sometimes urinary retention is due to a voiding dysfunction, commonly associated with problems of the brain and nerves, and sometimes anesthesia and surgery.

Being seen by a doctor, needless to say, is an important step to take in order to get to the bottom of urinary retention. A doctor is the one who can identify the root cause as well as recommend or provide the right treatment for it. Also, there are a few natural remedies available for urinary retention that can be used as adjunct solutions to the problem.

Coconut Water

Regularly, consume fresh coconut water, which is a well-known remedy for a bunch of problems concerning the urinary system. Coconut water has mild diuretic properties, helping to flush out urine and bacteria in the bladder.

Pineapple Juice

Having trouble getting your hands on fresh coconut water? Then go for pineapple juice instead. Just see to it that you opt for something that’s 100 percent pure, and not the kind that is artificially flavored or loaded with sugar.

Carrot Juice

Another beverage that you may consume regularly to control urinary retention is carrot juice. Drinking this super healthy juice is also beneficial if a burning sensation is felt each time you empty your bladder.

Dandelion Tea

Step foot inside the local herbal or health food store and avail of some dandelion tea. Traditional healers recommend the consumption of this herbal tea to people who are bugged by an incessant urge to rush to the toilet to pee.

Saw Palmetto

Earlier, it was mentioned that one of the causes of urinary retention is an enlarged prostate. An herb that is said to be particularly good at reducing the size of the prostate is saw palmetto, which comes in various forms.

Indian Licorice

Cases of urinary retention due to bacterial infection may be relieved with the help of Indian licorice. This powerful herb is known to have antimicrobial properties. It’s also known to help ease inflammation of the bladder.


Another natural remedy for bladder inflammation is nettle. According to herbal experts, it also has diuretic properties, which means that the intake of nettle can help in emptying the contents of the bladder.


This herb is a popular remedy for urinary tract stones, and thus it can help provide relief from urinary retention. What’s more, sarsaparilla is known to help put an end to that burning sensation which usually comes with the problem.

These are some of the effective natural remedies for urinary retention. If you wish to try one or some of them, see to it that you let your doctor know about your plan. This is especially if you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition, involving the urinary system or otherwise, and you’re currently taking prescribed medications for it.




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