Natural Ingredients for Skin Care Used By Ancient Greeks

There is much to be learned from the Ancient Greeks, from their government system, science and technology, as well as their artistic and cultural contributions to society today. But did you know that the Greeks were also lovers of beauty? They put a lot of stock on their physical appearance hence they were constantly plying their skin with ablutions to ensure that their skin remains beautiful, glowing, and without any blemishes. How were they able to do this? Well, they put more stock on natural ingredients when it comes to caring for their skin. Here are a few ingredients that they used that we can actually incorporate into our own beauty regimen.

Olive oil

The olive tree was very much part of Greek civilization as it played a lot of roles in their society. The leaves were used to create crowns that adorn the heads of winners of their games, while the fruits were included in their diet. As for the olive oil, they used it to protect their skin against the sun. Although the studies regarding the efficacy of olive oil as sunscreen, it doesn’t hurt to try it when you don’t want to apply sunscreen lotions on your skin.

Sea salt

The Ancient Greeks as well as the Egyptians often used sea salt as part of their skin care routine as its rough texture helped exfoliate their skin. They mixed it with some olive oil before massaging on their skin in circular motions to remove dead skin that is clogging their pores. What they end up with is a body that is smooth, soft, and supple. This ingredient is still used in many DIY skin care treatments so you might give it a shot if you want to exfoliate your skin.


Another ingredient that the ancient Greeks used were herbs. They often mix them in their bath water with the type of herb depending on what ailment they were trying to treat. You’ve probably come across herbal bath soaps and bath bombs that contain various herbs. This is where they got the idea from. You can even make your own herbal bath if you like using fresh or even dried herbs. There are plenty of recipes online that you can whip up yourself.


Milk was also a favorite ingredient by the ancient Greeks when it comes to their skin care routine because of its moisturizing and softening properties. This ingredient was only used by those who were rich as it was a pricey commodity. Today, you will find that many skin care products have milk in them because of its benefits to one’s skin.


Another natural ingredient that the ancient Greeks used to keep their skin looking amazing is clay. Clay is known to absorb any impurities from the skin, reduce redness and inflammation, as well as get rid of any blockages on the pores of the skin.

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