Healthy Picks Garden Weeds That You Should Allow to Grow

Garden Weeds That You Should Allow to Grow

Weeds are removed because they soak up all of the nutrients present in soil. What’s more, they tend to multiply rapidly. Did you know that there are certain garden weeds that you should not, well, weed out because they can actually be consumed like vegetables? And just like vegetables, they offer an assortment of health benefits.

So before you head to your garden armed with a hoe, fork and weed puller, keep on reading first. Below are some garden weeds that you should permit to grow.

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Also sometimes referred to as wild amaranth, pigweed can be consumed raw or cooked. The young and tender leaves make for great additions to your salad greens, while more mature leaves make for wonderful substitutes to spinach when whipping up dishes that require that favorite vegetable of Popeye.


Speaking of spinach, there’s another garden weed that tastes just like it — chickweed. Various parts of it can be consumed raw or cooked, such as the stems, leaves and flowers. By the way, traditional healers have been using chickweed for hundreds of years now for disinfecting minor cuts and wounds.


No, this is not the popular tropical fruit that looks like a banana, but the weed that commonly pops up in gardens or lawns. They may not look pretty, but plantain leaves can be steamed, boiled, sautéed or stir fired. It’s a good idea to also cook and consume the spiky flowers especially if you are suffering from constipation.

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Red Clover

Bees love the red-colored flowers of clover. Well, you should follow suit as they are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals — you can allow them to dry under the sun and then turn them into tea. Red clover leaves are edible, too, just like the flowers. They are great for adding green accents to your favorite healthy dishes.


These succulents that are native to India and Persia but can be found all over the world these days are notorious for spreading like wildfire. However, don’t weed it out like there’s no tomorrow — purslane may be consumed as a vegetable. Its leaves make for fantastic additions to stir fried veggies, soups and stews.

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Jerusalem Artichoke

It is regarded as a weed but some people allow it to grow in their gardens because they bear beautiful sunflower-like blooms. Anyway, another reason why you should permit it to thrive is because its tubers can actually be used as substitutes for potatoes. Just make sure that you cook and chew them thoroughly as they can make you gassy!


Especially if you want the grass of your garden pristine, it’s not unlikely for dandelion to show up. Fret not because you can take advantage of their presence especially if you’re a health-conscious individual. The young and tender leaves can be added to salads raw or cooked. The flowers are edible, too, plus they’re highly nutritious.


Also commonly known as cheese weed because of the appearance of its seedpods, malva makes for an excellent addition to your healthy everyday meals. The seedpods and tender leaves can be consumed raw. Due to the slightly bitter taste they have, mature and large leaves should be cooked before consumption, although some people eat them raw, too.

Do you know any other garden weed that can be added to the diet or used for medicinal purposes? Feel free to post its name in the comments section below!

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