Reasons to Eat Radicchio

It look just like a red cabbage but it has white veins all over it, making it stand out furthermore — that’s radicchio, which is a variety of chicory and has originated from Italy. But it’s not just the appearance of this vegetable that makes it so unique — radicchio boasts of a spicy and bitter flavor that tends to weaken upon grilling or roasting.

Let’s not waste time marveling at the one-of-a-kind beauty that is radicchio. Let’s go straight to some of the reasons why it should be added to your diet on a regular basis, shall we?

Weight Reduction

Definitely, you should scrap fatty and sugary foods from your everyday diet and replace them with healthy ones if you’re intending to lose excess pounds. It won’t take long before you notice results if you regularly consume radicchio. Full of fiber, this vegetable can help save you from overeating or excessive snacking.

Regular Bowel Movement

Another benefit that you can get from the consumption of fiber-rich radicchio is regular movement of the bowels. This helps ensure that toxins and waste products in your gut are regularly expelled, saving you from the ill effects they have on your overall health. By the way, a diet high in fiber also helps ward off colorectal cancer.

Decrease Cancer Risk

But it’s not just cancer that you can dodge when you include radicchio more frequently in your diet. Thanks to the striking amounts of antioxidants in this red-colored variant of chicory, you can considerably lower your risk of having various types of cancer. Antioxidants neutralize harmful free radicals before they cause cellular mutation.

Lesser Risk of Heart Disease

Fiber is also an excellent protector of the heart. It’s for the fact that it helps in lowering cholesterol, thus keeping the arteries from ending up clogged. What’s more, radicchio has potassium. Medical experts say that potassium is very good at keeping at bay high blood pressure, something that can increase a person’s risk of heart disease.

Strong Bones

Another nutrient found in radicchio is calcium. Needless to say, the regular intake of this vegetable that originated from Italy can help in keeping your bones strong. Then there are also a couple of other nutrients in radicchio that lend a helping hand in the prevention of weak bones, and they are phosphorous and vitamin K.

Healthy Blood

Now that vitamin K is mentioned, the presence of this nutrient makes radicchio promote normal clotting of the blood, preventing excessive bleeding. But it’s not just the presence of the said nutrient why radicchio is good for your blood. It also has iron, which is vital for the production of red blood cells (RBCs) that make oxygen transport possible.

Improve Eyesight

Another vitamin found in every serving of radicchio is vitamin A. Everyone knows that this particular vitamin is good for keeping one’s eyesight intact. That’s because vitamin A is actually an antioxidant that safeguards the eyes from free radicals. By consuming radicchio on a regular basis, you can lower your risk of losing your sight.

Strong Immune System

Then there is also vitamin C present in radicchio. It’s exactly for this reason why eating this red vegetable adorned with white veins on a regular basis can help in keeping at bay the common cold, flu and various other infections brought about by disease-causing bacteria, viruses and fungi that love to invade your body.

Young-Looking Skin

Did you know that you can be just as attention-grabbing as radicchio when you consume it regularly? That’s because of its vitamin C content, which is important for keeping your skin healthy and looking young. An antioxidant, vitamin C fights skin cell-damaging free radicals. It also encourages your body to produce more skin-firming collagen.

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