Homemade Garlic Syrup for the Common Cold and Cough

Garlic is considered as nature’s most powerful antimicrobial agent. It is capable of zapping all sorts of disease-causing microbes — from bacteria, viruses to fungi. It’s exactly for this reason why this very common culinary herb can be employed medicinally for dealing with an assortment of infections.

Did you know that you can easily turn garlic into syrup that is proven to heal various infections of the upper respiratory tract such as the common cold and cough?

Read on if you like to harness the phenomenal ability of garlic to kill off microbes and put an end to infections in the form of syrup, which can give many pharmaceutical solutions for infections a run for their money. Share this article on your social media afterwards to let your family and friends, too, know the secret.

In turning garlic into syrup for the common cold and cough, it has to be paired with another ingredient that possesses antimicrobial properties as well, and that’s honey.

Everyone who is into all-natural healing and superfoods knows very well that honey has incredible soothing abilities, and this is why it is a common home remedy for a sore throat. But other than just alleviating pain and discomfort associated with a sore throat, honey can actually help deal with the infection itself.

And that is why combining both garlic and honey allows you to come up with perhaps the most powerful solution for the common cold and cough without any side effects.

There are plenty of syrups available for the common cold and cough at pharmacies, and they are highly in demand during the cold or flu season where everybody, most especially those whose immune systems are weakened, is at high risk of ending up with an infection of the upper respiratory system.

What’s so nice about a homemade counterpart of those pharmaceutical syrups is it doesn’t cause a bunch of side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, nervousness and even heart palpitations.

So in other words, the common cold and cough syrup that you can whip up using only garlic and honey won’t leave you worrying about experiencing a bunch of unusual symptoms, thus allowing you to focus on your healing, which is the most important thing there is if you are down with an infection.

The best time to whip up this homemade syrup out of garlic and honey is a few weeks before the cold and flu season strikes so that you are ready to deal with an upper respiratory tract infection should it affect you.

Here’s the very simple recipe:


5 large pieces of fresh garlic cloves 

1/2 cup of organic honey


-Peel fresh garlic cloves and mince very finely. 

-Transfer finely minced fresh garlic cloves in a small glass jar with a cover. 

-Pour 1/2 cup of honey into the jar, covering minced garlic. 

-Cover the jar and allow to sit in a warm place in your kitchen for about 2 weeks. 

-After 2 weeks, you will notice that the garlic bits are opaque, a sign that the syrup is ready. 

-Keep in the refrigerator and take 1 tablespoon as needed for relief.

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