Certain things are better done after having a meal or light snack. Before you carry out the things mentioned below, make sure that your stomach is not empty. Otherwise, you may end up with heartburn, nausea, fatigue or hunger pangs!


Grocery Shopping

Stepping foot in your favorite supermarket is a complete no-no with your stomach grumbling. Because you are hungry, you may end up placing fat- and sugar-laden food products in your shopping cart as they will all surely seem irresistible to you! And with little energy, you may fail to complete your grocery list.



Regardless if you are traveling by land, air or sea, having an empty stomach is a wrong move. That’s because it can leave you with nausea most especially if you are prone to motion sickness. Before you ride the bus, plane or boat, treat yourself to a light snack. Do remember to avoid a large meal, and most especially one that’s greasy or spicy.


Eating Spicy Food

Speaking of spicy, never eat anything with hot ingredients when your tummy is screaming for food. All those spices can irritate the lining of the stomach, leaving you in pain. Also, consuming spicy food on an empty stomach can cause heartburn because it will prompt your stomach to produce more digestive juices.


Drinking Coffee or Tea

Never enjoy a cup of coffee without any solid food in your stomach because it will trigger acid production, leaving you with a nasty case of heartburn. Similarly, you should refrain from drinking a cup of tea on an empty stomach. While it’s true that it is healthy, tea can actually leave you with acid reflux before taking a square meal or light snack.


Consuming Soda

No one should drink soda, be it regular or sugar-free, because it’s bad for the health. The fizzy beverage can be extra terrible for you if you mistakenly slurp it with an empty stomach. That’s because soda is highly acidic and it can irritate the lining of the stomach, leaving you in a great deal of pain.


Guzzling Alcohol

Prior to hitting a party where alcoholic beverages are served, eat something. There are a couple of reasons why drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is a bad idea. First, alcohol can cause irritation of the stomach lining, as well as trigger acid reflux. Second, experts say that you can get intoxicated at a much faster rate if your tummy is empty.


Having Yogurt

There is no denying that yogurt is good for you, thanks to the billions of good bacteria found in it. However, it’s important to note that some of those friendly microbes will get killed by your stomach acids. Eating something before enjoying a serving of yogurt can help considerably reduce the number of good bacteria wiped out.


Performing Exercises

Jogging, swimming, wall climbing, playing tennis, pumping iron at the gym — no matter which of these you will do, make sure that you have eaten something 2 to 3 hours beforehand. Doing so will let you have the energy to exercise. Otherwise, you will only waste your time because you may already feel exhausted after just a few minutes into your routine.


Taking Medicine

Whether OTC or prescription, any medicine should not be taken on an empty stomach — unless your doctor specifically instructed you to do so. That’s because chemicals in medicines can leave the lining of the stomach and intestines irritated. This is especially true if what you are about to take is an aspirin or antibiotic.

Have you committed any of the above with your stomach grumbling? If so, don’t feel too shy to share your experience in the comments section below!




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