Natural Remedies for Teething Babies

Teething babies often feel uncomfortable with their growing teeth and can be fussy, have a tendency to bite, experience loss of appetite, and even sleep less because of the pain that they are feeling. This means that you too will have to deal with a fussy baby which can cause sleepless nights too. Fortunately, you can help alleviate the pain that your little one is experiencing with a few home remedies just like the ones below.

Give their immune system a boost 

Some parents have noticed that their babies tend to have colds or fevers when new teeth are growing. Although there is still a debate on going whether teething can trigger these side effects, what’s important is how to reduce the illness. One way to help out is to boost your baby’s immune system. You can start by giving your little one his or her daily dose of sunshine where vitamin D can be present, keep breastfeeding your little one, and baby probiotics to help stabilize the gut flora. 

Use teethers 

Teethers are a great help for babies who experience discomfort because of growing tooth. The good news is that there is no shortage of teethers being sold today but you might want to stick with the silver ones as they can be sterilized. There are wooden teethers, silicone teethers, and those that are filled with gel or liquid that you can pop in the fridge to help ease the pain in the gums. 

Herbal remedies 

Herbal remedies are believed to aid the discomfort that babies suffer from when they are teething. Among the top choices here are chamomiles because of its relaxing properties, clove for its anesthetic properties, catnip to soothe irritable babies, and rosehip which contains plenty of antioxidants that can improve your baby’s immune system. You can prepare a tea out of these ingredients and let your little one drink in small amounts or simply rub the tea against the gums for them to work. You can also make an herbal infusion if you like. Place your herbs and some olive oil in a small saucepan and simmer on low for 4 to 6 hours. Strain the solution afterwards and pop in the fridge. Dab a small amount of the infusion on your baby’s gums. 

Cold foods 

The cold temperature can help your baby deal with the pain in their gums. Think cucumber, carrot, or plum which you can feed your baby. Make sure that you stay with your baby as they eat these cold foods so they won’t choke on them. You can also use a cold cloth to help reduce the inflammation on your baby’s gums. 

Reduce any inflammation 

It is also important that you reduce any inflammation in your baby’s body so that the swelling in the gums and the pain can be reduced as well. You can do this by switching to a low-inflammation diet that is normally filled with vegetables, fruits, wild seafood, and pastured meats just to name a few.

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