The coming holiday can wreak havoc on your fitness plan what with the number of parties that you need to attend to not to mention the errands that you need to run including the foods that are guaranteed to make your mouth water and your tummy to growl. Unfortunately, this also means that there is a possibility of weight gain if you’re not too careful. How then will you be able to keep the weight off over the holidays?

Get out of the house

As much as you would like to snuggle under the covers with a good book and a mug of hot choco, you’re better off moving out and about to burn calories. Go hiking, skiing, and other outdoor games or sports to keep your metabolism running.

Plan your day

Just because you have tons of things to do during the holidays, you shouldn’t use it as an excuse to miss out on your fitness regimen. If you usually work out in the evenings, switch it up and do your training in the morning before you start your day. This way, you can get it out of the way so you will be able to concentrate on doing the rest of your chores for the day.

Challenge yourself

If you want to stay fit and healthy during the holidays, give yourself a daily challenge. This can be something simple as adding an extra mile to your runs, an additional set to your lifts, and the like. The more you challenge yourself, the more calories you get to burn not to mention that you’ll also be able to tone and strengthen your muscles in the process.

Be creative

Just because you’ll be spending more time with the family during the holidays, it doesn’t mean that your fitness program will get in the way. Start being creative with your workouts. You can even enlist the aid of your family to keep an eye on your weight during the holidays so that they too will be more supportive of your plans.

Sign up for a race next year

If you really want to make sure that you’ll keep your fitness regimen over the holidays, why not sign up for a race or any other sports activity for next year? This way, you won’t have any excuse not to train during your vacation.

Indulge once in a while

All work and no play can be detrimental to your fitness program so give yourself time to relax and enjoy over the holidays. However, make sure that you don’t indulge too much as this can cause calories to go back up not to mention make you work doubly hard after the holidays just to get rid of the excess pounds that you have accumulated.

As you can see, it is possible to stay fit and healthy during the holidays. It’s all a matter of finding the right fitness program and the frame of mind to keep the pounds off even while enjoying the Christmas season.