Healthy Picks Foods to Eat When You Want to Eat Lots...

Foods to Eat When You Want to Eat Lots of Foods

Are you craving food even though you already ate just a few minutes ago? Well, you can actually fight your yearning for food with food! There are certain foods out there that are scientifically-proven to curb one’s appetite, and you can consume each time you are tempted to stuff your face most especially with unhealthy treats.

Whether you are trying to lose excess pounds or stay within your ideal weight, it’s important to limit the amount of food you consume. Eating more foods than necessary is an utter no-no because it will only supply your body with excessive amounts of calories — unused ones will be stored under your skin in the form of fat.

Even though there are lots of supplements out there that claim to have appetite-suppressing properties, popping them in your mouth may not be the safest solution as many of them could be containing questionable ingredients. Some of those ingredients may actually damage your liver and kidneys in the long run, causing added problems.

So if the primary reason why you are having a hard time dropping those excess pounds is your appetite, what you need to do is get your hands on foods that are known to put an end to your cravings pronto. Here are some of those foods that you may try snacking on the next time you are longing for foods that are clearly complete figure-wreckers:


Definitely, having a bowl of steaming-hot oatmeal can make that craving go away in the blink of an eye. Loaded with fiber, it’s for certain that your stomach is going to feel heavy the moment you have consumed all of it. Adding a few slices of your favorite fruit can help double the craving-busting properties of oatmeal.


Snacking on a handful of almonds is a sure way to curb your appetite. Thanks to the healthy fats they contain, it’s for certian that you will feel very satisfied as soon as you have finished munching on them. Other nuts such as pecans, walnuts, pistachios and cashews work just as well as almonds in putting an end to your cravings.

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Because it is creamy and rich in protein, a small serving of yogurt can zap that longing you have for unhealthy treats in an instant. The best one to go for is Greek yogurt because it contains fewer calories than the rest. Definitely, you should steer clear of flavored ones as they are loaded with sugar.

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If you want, you may sprinkle a tablespoon of flaxseeds on your Greek yogurt to make that food cravings of yours vanish into thin air. That’s because flaxseeds supply your body with fiber, protein and healthy fats — all three of which are famous for their appetite-suppressing properties. Other seeds work wonderfully, too!


Everyone knows that an apple a day can keep the doctor away. However, not too many people realize that it can also make cravings go away. Thanks to the loads of fiber and water in it, an apple can effectively restrain your appetite. A pear is just as very good as an apple in making hunger pangs disappear.

Mint Tea

Last but not least, you may brew yourself a cup of mint tea — it doesn’t matter if you steep a mint tea bag or fresh mint tea leaves in a cup of hot water for several minutes. This herbal drink works because both its smell and flavor have instant appetite-killing abilities.

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