Natural Aids for Flushing Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can form when there is too much calcium present in your kidneys. When the stones form, they can trigger pain when they have formed into large lumps inside the kidneys. Most of the time, drinking plenty of water can help flush the stones from the body but there are other ways to cleanse your kidneys too such as the ones found below.


We are often recommended to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day but when you are trying to pass kidney stones, it is better to up your water intake to 12 glasses. You should keep drinking more water when the kidney stones have passed to prevent dehydration. A good way to detect if you need more water is when the color of your urine is dark yellow. A very light and pale yellow urine means that you are properly hydrated. 

Apple cider vinegar

You will need to mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with water and drink the solution before meals until the symptoms disappear. You can also use this treatment once or twice a week to prevent kidney stones from forming. Apple cider vinegar can help break down the kidney stones until they are small enough to be passed from your body. 

Lemon juice

Another solution to your kidney stone problem is lemon juice. The citrate present in lemon is known for its ability to prevent calcium from forming. Drinking lemon juice can help reduce the size of the stones significantly until they can be passed easily. It can also inhibit bacterial growth. 

Baking soda

You can also make a baking soda solution to treat your kidney stones. Simply mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 10 ounces of lukewarm water, stir, and drink immediately. The alkalinity of baking soda can help reduce the acidic content of the urine to prevent stones from forming. This will help the stones pass through your urine easily. 

Basil juice

You can also make use of basil juice to treat your kidney stones woes. The acetic acid in the juice can help reduce the kidney stones and lessen the pain too. High uric acid levels can be reduced too. You can use dried or fresh basil leaves when making your basil juice or tea. Just make sure that you drink several cups in a day. You can also make a smoothie out of it. Don’t use this treatment regularly, however, as it can lower your blood pressure, increase bleeding, and even lower your blood sugar levels. 

Coconut water

Another natural aid that can help flush the kidney stones from your body is coconut water. All that you have to do is to drink several glasses of coconut water every day to increase the number of times you urinate to help flush the stones. The potassium present in coconut water can also help break down the stones in your kidneys so you can eliminate them easily.

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