Some Light-hearted Tips to Avoid Overindulgence

Where do we get started on overindulgence? A topic that floats around for everyone to smell and know but not really want to discuss…or we over discuss and gossip about our own bad habits together instead of actually fixing them.

Thank goodness more and more people are becoming aware of how fitness affects their life.  Physical labor is not how it used to be in this modern day and age still, but there are now so many programs with diets proven to work. Old school dieting and workout techniques have long been flushed down the drain by today’s experts who prove to be fit and happy.

Even if it’s way too easy to succumb to a couch potato lifestyle with the internet, TV, cheap snacks and what other vices you can afford it can be just as easy to get on the fitness track. YouTube itself is free and only costs a net plan. Tons of passionate workout freaks have heftily subscribed videos- too many to choose from sometimes, willing to help a lost soul like you to start out somehow whether it be yoga, Zumba, calisthenics, pole dancing even or CrossFit.

Sloth and gluttony, particularly just being plain lazy and eating more than you should is not the only way you can waste your energy, time, talent and body. Don’t deny nor forget that alcohol is very destructive in one’s routine when not handled properly. It costs sleep loss, memory loss, water loss, energy loss and overall healthy points loss when you binge out of your threshold. And no, you can’t blame a cookie, a show marathon or a gin and tonic with a sad piece of lime.  Know your limits and stop when your mind and/or body can’t handle anymore.

Now I am not assuming you absolutely don’t know anything about getting started for a more fitness-oriented lifestyle, I’m sure a lot of us have more than once- followed a routine pretty well and it went down in the dumps. This could’ve discouraged some of us more than ever knowing we were on the way or even over half way our fitness goal. Don’t fret, remember at least since you already got started before it is embedded in your DNA’s “memory chip” something like muscle memory, get into your routine again and you will come back fitter than before. But you must push yourself because getting fit is also all about safely tugging on your limits to get the best results, this is where consistency and continuation comes more naturally.

We first start off with a clear mindset, the purer and calmer the better. Let’s be open for even information as well-proven and ancient as good nutrition and relaxing one’s mind can be a great challenge to mass population used to an urbanized modern pace without much cooking, grocery shopping, workout time and meditation time. It all a choice, you have the power to choose YOUR lifestyle.

Remember that even when you stride off track: like a slice of cake you shouldn’t have had, a set of exercises you didn’t do, a paper you’re writing at the last minute or that dish you were supposed to cook; you always have your mindset that can stay as solid as you want. Forgive yourself, fix your mistake and get back with the program because the only other option is to NOT get with the program…and sulk at your own misfortune.

One important tip is to choose healthy foods, as simple as that. Actually it can be challenging to stick to a diet, so writing up grocery lists and diet plans is not a bad idea at all.  It doesn’t have to be strictly followed per food item, portion and calorie per calorie. What’s most important is that you pick a variety from different food groups brought together in an accurately proper proportions fit for your health and your health factors such as your body type, allergies, sensitivities, if your physical activities require you to eat more protein, fat or carbs or all those together or if you just do yoga and enjoy tea in the afternoon.

Try to eat things that will make you feel good before and after a workout. Don’t deprive yourself though, that is a huge no-no. Being positive, active and responsible is also a balancing act and living in fear just because of that slice of pie you are totally denying you LOVE is not the way to live.  You will get to a point that the guilt won’t bother you anymore, you have to believe that one day you will be so fit and so athletic and so committed that you can have that slice of pie and burn it like an incinerator. Don’t deprive yourself, the binges will come in and will come in without mercy and leave a trail of regret and a possible half dress size more. For goodness sake’s stop driving yourself nuts and have that jam-filled doughnut today instead of having 3 of something else tomorrow. And yeah, probably do a couple of rounds.

Eat mindfully! And to eat with more thought some self-education on cooking is highly accessible and open to all as it should.  Don’t be ashamed if you’re one of those late bloomers in the kitchen, you may be about to discover a new passion or talent.  Get in the know on food nutrition and what produce in the markets are you are freshest for the price.  It can be really fun and rewarding!

Don’t just chomp down like a blank-eyed, sleepy dog but put pacing and spacing in your food tasting.

Another good tip to keep in mind is to savor and ponder on the first bite already. This shows all around respect: to the food, the hands that prepared it and to yourself. Eat with grace and gratefulness, think about the texture, combination of flavors and if it’s really that good for you. Do you really want to eat more of it? Don’t force yourself by the stuffed mouthfuls, I promise food tastes better in smaller servings spaced out for at least 15 minutes eating time. This also doesn’t hurt or shock your stomach with the amount of food enabling it to digest better.

Avoiding overindulgence and sticking to a good lifestyle takes commitment, a great deal of your heart and soul. This tests your willpower and will shape you into mental and physical health, it all starts with your mindset take note.





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