Health Benefits of Carom Seeds

Carom seeds are popular spices most especially when it comes to Indian cuisine. However, they are also commonly used for medicinal purposes. It’s a wonderful idea for you to have a bottle of carom seeds in your spice rack especially if you prefer to combat some simple health issues through safe and simple home remedies.

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Even though they are called as such, carom seeds are not seeds. Actually, they are fruits! But because of their very small size, everyone thinks that they are seeds. Since carom seeds are really fruits, you can consume them as such. However, no one really does so because they would much rather use them for making all sorts of dishes more savory.

Other than for cooking, carom seeds are usually used by traditional healers for dealing with a number of health problems, ranging from an upset stomach, migraine headaches to painful and inflamed joints.

Carom seeds are usually employed medicinally by placing some of them in a cup of boiling water. After straining, it may then be consumed by mouth. Sometimes a few other herbs are added, too, for extra potency. In some cases, carom seeds are pulverized and turned into paste, which can then be applied topically like a cream or ointment.

Now that you know carom seeds better, it’s time for us to take a look at the various health benefits that they are known to offer. Some of those that can easily leave you impressed are:

Improved Digestion

Carom seeds can be turned into tea, and it’s something that may be taken before or after a meal to have the process of digestion optimized. The resulting tea is known to effectively relieve indigestion and acid reflux. Traditional healers assert that carom seeds may also help in reducing one’s risk of colon cancer.

Relieved Flatulence

You may also count on a cup of tea out of carom seeds each time you are suffering from flatulence or, in layman’s terms, excess gas. Consuming it is said to help relieve gas as well as the cramping sensation it brings.

Boosted Immune System

Many swear by the effectiveness of carom seeds in strengthening the immune system. If you often suffer from the common cold, flu or any other type of infection of the respiratory tract, then you may regularly take carom seed tea or simply cook more dishes that require carom seeds as some of the most important ingredients.

Increased Libido

Traditionally, carom seeds are employed for increasing a person’s sex drive or appetite. They can be effective for both men and women who wish to have increased libido. It is said that carom seeds may also boost fertility.

Lowered Heart Disease Risk

Carom seeds are known to help lower a person’s risk of suffering from heart disease, as well as heart attack and stroke. Fiber and antioxidant contents of carom seeds are said to help in keeping the arteries from being clogged. The blood pressure can also be kept within the normal and healthy range as a result.

Eliminated Headaches

If you often suffer from a headache and you don’t want to rely on NSADs each time, you may pulverize a few carom seeds and add to a little water. You may then apply the resulting paste on your temples and forehead for relief.

Beautified Skin and Hair

You may also employ carom seeds for your anti-aging needs. In the form of infusion or paste, the skin can be shielded from free radicals that can cause the accelerated appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other aging signs. Topically using carom seeds is also known to help in strengthening and softening the mane.

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