Tips on How to Stay Cool While You Sleep

We all need a goodnight’s rest every day for us to wake up feeling energized and refreshed. But with the temperature going up and your air-conditioning unit is not working, you’ll most likely end up tossing and turning at night while sweating profusely. This is not really a great way to enjoy your much needed rest so how will you be able to stay cool while you are sleeping? The good news is that there are several ways in which you can stay cool even when you are at rest so that your sleep won’t be interrupted at all. Sounds good? Here are a few options that you can try out.

Change your sheets

If you find yourself sweating a lot at night, you might want to change your sheets into something more breathable. Choose light colored fabrics especially during the summer so they won’t absorb much heat plus they will feel cooler on your skin when you sleep.

Choose your pillow

Your head is actually the hottest area in your body which means that you need to keep it cool as much as you can. Using fluffy pillows that make your head sink into them are not really recommended as they tend to trap heat which makes you sweat more. Switching to a smaller and firmer pillow may help air circulate better around your head.

Dress comfortably

Another tip that you definitely need to try out is to wear appropriate clothing at night. Avoid wearing tight clothes as they tend to trap the heat in your body. Loose and comfy clothing can help air circulate around your body so you will feel much better at night. Go for cotton fabric as this is typically breathable.

Bring your shades down

What else can you do to keep yourself cool at night? Well, try keeping the shades pulled down during the day so that there will be less heat penetrating your room. You might think that this is not really a good idea as you need air to circulate in your bedroom, but you might be surprised to find that keeping your space shuttered during the hot summer months can actually prevent heat from building up. As much as you would like to leave your windows open during a heatwave, you might want to keep it closed so your bedroom won’t feel like it is on fire at night.

Dampen your hair

Another way to help you feel cool at night is to dampen your hair before going to bed. Since your head is the hottest part it is worth trying to go to bed with your hair a bit damp. This keeps your head cool as long as you don’t mind a bit of moisture. You’ll find that it is easier to slip into sleep this way.

Go low

Sometimes the heat can get into our bed and stay there even at night. Instead of forcing yourself to sleep on a bed that appears to be on fire, why not move yourself lower and sleep on the floor? Not only is this cooler but you’ll also help lessen the kinks in your muscles because of the flat surface that you are sleeping on. If you have a hammock that you can install in your bedroom, this can be a nice alternative too as the air circulates around you.

Choose your food wisely

You can also keep your body cool at night by choosing the right kinds of foods to eat. Instead of eating large meals that will keep your body metabolizing the food that you have consumed, break it down to smaller meals so that you won’t expend too much energy that will leave you feeling hot at night.

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