Easy Fixes for Bad Hair Day

Every woman has experienced a bad hair day. Sometimes you’ll wake up and your hair suddenly has a life of its own. Perhaps you left home with a perfectly coiffed head and by midday things have started to get frizzy. Whatever the reason, bad hair days are inevitable. However, it doesn’t mean you should just roll over and accept it. Here are some easy fixes to tame your errant locks:

Hair Problem 1: Bad Bedhead

There are days when you just can’t summon the energy to get up. Unfortunately, you’ll force yourself sooner or later; and more likely it’s late enough that you won’t have time for a shower or to fix your hair properly.

Easy Fix: If you don’t want to spend the day with hair that looks like you got electrocuted, then braids is the way to go. Some hairstyle mavens have even admitted that braids actually work best on dirty hair since they hold better.

Hair Problem 2: Big Hair Turns Flat

Your fine hair started the day looking sensational, with shine and full volume but now that you’re at work, it seems to have lost its luster and is falling flat.

Easy Fix: Always carry a dry texturing spray in your bag. Give your hair instant body by flipping it over your head and start spritzing. Make sure you get a good amount on the roots. This will add volume and soak up the excess oil on your scalp that’s causing your hair to become limp and lifeless.

Hair Problem 3: Stubborn Bangs

At some point, your bangs will cause trouble as you grow them out. You will hit a stage where they’ll stubbornly refuse to cooperate. Maybe they’re still too short to tuck behind the ear or they’ve become too long that you’re at a loss as to what to do.

Easy Fix: Dig out your accessories. You probably have several bobby pins lying around. Use them to control your bangs but don’t just settle for the old slip them and clip them. Be creative. Do a cross design or twist it back and hide them under your hair. Another simple solution is to do a hairline braid. It’s easy to do and creates a focal point that will draw in people’s eyes.

Hair Problem 4: Your Roots are Making an Appearance

The challenge with colored hair is maintaining it so the roots won’t show. Unfortunately, most women don’t have the luxury of time or money to spend every weekend at the salon for a color touch-up.

Easy Fix: A curling iron is your best friend when your roots are starting to show. Add a little volume to your hair to make it hard to see your part and hide the uneven roots. Stylists say that people can easily see the differences in color if your hair is straight and has a clear part.

Hair Problem 5: Curls Gone Wild

Women with naturally curly hair know that their curls can sometimes run wild. It’s not unusual to leave your apartment sporting a nice texture to your hair only for it to frizz up or fly in every direction later.

Easy Fix: It’s hard to fix curly hair when it’s dry, so make sure you always have a conditioning spray on hand. It dampens your locks and resets your curls. You can even reform your curls using your pointer finger once they’re suitably damp. Another trick is to sweep your curls into a simple twist back style. Section your hair into two parts and twist it to the back. It’s quick and makes your hair look refined and polished.

There’s no need to suffer through bad hair days. With the right product and some creativity, you can easily fix your locks and look great the whole day.

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