Why You Should Regularly Brew a Cup of Coffee Cherry Tea

Coffee cherry tea — is it coffee or is it tea? Until now, people still cannot decide. But it doesn’t matter what this beverage really is — what’s essential is everyone’s pretty sure that a cup of it offers so many health benefits.

If you like to learn more about coffee cherry tea, especially the various perks that it’s known to offer, continue reading this article — it will get you introduced to some of the most important things about this drink.

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What’s so unique and amazing about coffee cherry tea is it’s something that is out of the brewed peel of the coffee fruit, and that is why people are not really sure whether it should be considered as a coffee or tea.

You see, making coffee entails removing and discarding the peel of coffee fruits to reveal the beans within, which are then roasted to perfection produce the characteristic taste and aroma of coffee beans once they are brewed.

But like everybody knows, it’s in the peel of most fruits where a large concentration of nutrients can be found. Needless to say, the peel of the coffee fruit contains phenomenal amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

It’s exactly for this reason why it’s not a good idea for coffee fruit peel to be simply thrown away. When dried, they can be steeped in hot water just like regular tea leaves to produce a super healthy beverage.

Wanting to try a cup of coffee cherry tea? Then go ahead and do it on a regular basis. The inclusion of coffee cherry tea in your diet allows you to enjoy a number of benefits, and some of the most impressive ones include:

It Protects the Brain Cells

Just like coffee, coffee cherry tea has the ability to shield the cells of the brain from damage. It’s for this reason why a cup of it taken on a regular basis may help in keeping at bay Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as dementia.

It Safeguards the Liver

Coffee cherry tea, according to scientists, is capable of protecting the liver from hepatitis and cirrhosis. It is said that this beverage may also prevent liver cancer from becoming worse.

It May Lower Cancer Risk

Aside from the progression of liver cancer, experts say that coffee cherry tea may actually prevent many other types of cancer from striking due to the fact that it is very high in compounds possessing anti-cancer properties.

It Prevents High Blood Sugar

Provided that you do not sweeten a cup of coffee cherry tea, drinking it can help in preventing spikes in blood sugar. But do take it in moderation if you already have diabetes as it may cause your blood sugar to drop to very low levels.

It Lifts Your Mood

You may consider drinking coffee cherry tea regularly if you tend to experience mild depression from time to time because it has brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF, a protein that has mood-lifting properties.

It Boosts Your Immune System

Thanks to the loads of antioxidants in coffee cherry tea, adding it to your diet can help in lowering your infection risk. It’s the perfect drink for you if you often suffer from the cold, flu and other infections of the upper respiratory system.

It Won’t Make You Jittery

Compared to coffee, coffee cherry tea contains a lot less caffeine. Experts say that its caffeine content is similar to that of black tea. This means that you are less likely to end up jittery, nervous or dizzy when you consume it.

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