Easy DIY Face Brumisateur

Ladies, we all know how important it is to keep the face hydrated all the time. One of the easiest ways to stick to this really vital beauty philosophy is by having a can of brumisateur in your purse. That’s so simple, right? However, the price tags of some of the most popular face mists are not that easy on the pocket for most female shoppers.
So does this mean that having well-hydrated face is only for well-to-do women? Not quite. After all, every single woman on the planet deserves to look and feel beautiful. The solution if you cannot afford a bottle of a really well-known brumisateur? Make one with your very own hands!

But before we take a look at how a bottle of homemade face mist that can rival even the most expensive face brumisateur on the current market is made, let us take a look at some of the perks of having a bottle of it within your reach:

  • It allows you to instantly have your face hydrated. Just spray liberally and let it stay there for a few seconds before pat drying your face with a hanky or tissue paper. Or simply leave it in place.
  • It lets you get rid of dirt and grime hassle-free. Especially if you don’t have access to mild soap and water, a brumisateur may be used to have your face cleansed in a jiffy. Spray generously and gently wipe off!
  • It helps soothe irritated skin. Especially if you’re engaging in outdoor activities, being sweaty and staying under the scorching sun can leave your face irritated. A quick way to attain relief is by using a face mist.
  • It makes you apply makeup more effectively. Some women rely on a can of face brumisateur for setting their makeup. Others count on it for easy blending. Try it and experience it for yourself!
  • It reduces stress as well as anxiety. You may also reach for a can of face mist if you are feeling stressed or anxious. The refreshing feeling can actually help calm down your mind and body in a snap.

As you can see, a can of brumisateur is more than just for keeping your face well-hydrated! Needles to say, every beauty-conscious woman should have one in her purse. From warding off skin dryness to making you feel more relaxed, this beauty must-have is every woman’s best friend!

Excited to make your own face brumisateur? Read on!



  • A cup of hot mineral water
  • A bag of green tea



  • Dunk the green tea bag in the cup of hot mineral water.
  • Allow it to steep there for several minutes or until the mineral water is completely cool.
  • Once cool, remove the green tea bag and transfer the tea into a small spray bottle.


You’re done! That’s how cheap and simple it is to make your own face brumisateur. Just give the bottle a good shake before you start spraying your face with it.

Since the goal is to save as much money as possible, you may also opt for a used green tea bag instead. However, it’s a good idea to allow a couple of used green tea bags (instead of just one) to steep in a cup of hot mineral water so that you may still enjoy a face mist that’s teeming with those skin-protecting and age-defying antioxidants.

Got skin that’s oily or prone to breakouts? You may add a few drops of witch hazel to the mixture. If your skin is sensitive or susceptible to getting irritated, opt for a mixture that’s composed of equal parts green tea and rose water. For really dry skin or one that’s prone to wrinkling, add a few drops of avocado or jojoba oil to your DIY face brumisateur.





Source: blogspot.com

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