Health Benefits Sunchokes Offer

Sunchokes are root vegetables that are native to North America. Originally, they were cultivated by North Americans, but they are also now widely grown and consumed in other parts of the world, most especially Europe.

Just like many other root vegetables, sunchokes are chock-full of vitamins and minerals obtained from below the ground. They are also loaded with fiber, in particular inulin and prebiotics whose amazing benefits to the body will be discussed later on in this article — so don’t stop reading!

Anyway, what’s so nice about sunchokes is they can be eaten raw or cooked, which means they are highly versatile. They can be added to salads and smoothies. You may have them sautéed or incorporated into stir-fried veggies. It’s also possible to have sunchokes pureed and added to soups and stews.

The sweet and kind of nutty taste of sunchokes further add to the fact that including these root vegetables in your diet on a regular basis to enjoy the health benefits they offer should be no problem at all.

And what are those perks that they offer? Some of them include:

Increased Energy Levels

Sunchokes are rich in B vitamins, which are nutrients that help convert carbohydrates into fuel that the cells may use. It’s for this reason why the consumption of these root vegetables can help provide the body with energy, something that can be very beneficial most especially in this very busy and toxic day and age.

Boosted Immune System

Another thing that’s so important for everyone to have nowadays is a stronger immune system to lower infection risks. Including sunchokes in your diet can help boost your immunity as they contain vitamin C.

Delayed Skin Aging

Vitamin C found in sunchokes also helps in slowing down the aging process of your skin. That’s because the said nutrient is actually a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes excess free radicals in your body. Due to the presence of vitamin C possessing antioxidant properties, eating sunchokes can help you stay looking youthful.

Improved Smile

The benefits offered by vitamin C in sunchokes do not end there. Did you know that it’s also an important role player in gum health, which is necessary for strong teeth? And there’s another reason why the consumption of sunchokes regularly can help in giving you a beautiful and lasting smile: they have calcium.

Strengthened Bones

Because sunchokes have calcium, consuming these root vegetables helps in making your bones strong. Experts say that including calcium-rich foods like sunchokes in your diet can help in lowering osteoporosis risk.

Optimized RBC Count

Another mineral that you can obtain from sunchokes is iron, something that’s so important for the production of RBCs. Short for red blood cells, your RBCs are the ones that carry oxygen molecules to your body. So by consuming sunchokes and other iron-containing foods, you can prevent iron-deficiency anemia from striking.

Regulated Bowel Movement

Fiber is one of the most abundant nutrients in sunchokes and so many other root vegetables. This is the reason why their addition to the diet regularly can help in preventing constipation.

Slowed Glucose Release

One type of fiber that is present in sunchokes is inulin. According to medical professionals, it’s something that helps in regulating the release of glucose into the bloodstream. In other words, inulin in sunchokes helps prevent unnecessary spikes in sugar levels, which is beneficial for both diabetics and pre-diabetics.

Increased Friendly Bacteria

Then there is also prebiotics present in sunchokes that is beneficial for the digestive system as well as overall health. Why? That’s because those prebiotics encourage the multiplication of those friendly bacteria (probiotics) in your gut. If you want to attain optimum health, it’s definitely a good idea to consume sunchokes on a regular basis.

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