Helpful Tips on How to Run in the Rain

Running has gained a lot of followers lately that it’s no longer a surprise to find marathons being conducted across the globe. There are numerous health benefits associated with this mode of workout such as improving your stamina, aid in weight loss, and even provides relief from stress just to name a few especially when you are out in the open country and enjoying the cool breeze and warm sun against your skin.

But what if it rains? You’ve probably watched professional runners happily keeping up their pace in spite of the steady downpour and you ask yourself, “How do they do it?”

Well, it seems that they have mastered a few tricks to combat the rain so their love for running will not dampen. If you want to try running in the rain, these tips are recommended.

Dress up in tight, darker, and wicking clothing

You’ve probably seen thousands of runners wearing professional outfits. There is a reason why they do it and it’s because they are reducing the moisture that gets trapped between their skin and the clothes they are wearing. If there is a forecast of rain when you run, look for tight, wicking clothing to reduce the build up of sweat and moisture to reduce chafing as you run.

Wear baseball cap

It’s hard to see where you are going when the rain is obstructing your vision, and if you keep on wiping your face, you will lose concentration too. That said, the best approach here is to wear baseball cap during your run to keep the rain away from your face. This doesn’t mean that you will be able to protect your head from getting wet, but it does keep your eyes clear to see where you are going.

Lubricants help

Vaseline and other brands of lubricants can help reduce chafing when you run in the rain because they create a barrier to minimize rubbing of fabric on skin. Apply it on problem areas like your bra strap, underside of your bra, and even on your heels and toes too. You’ll be glad that this trick will save you from forming blisters while running in the rain.

Wear the right socks

Keep in mind that when you run, the kind of socks that you are wearing can make or break your adventure. This is especially true when there is rain. You may get cotton socks at bargain prices, but they will not do you any good when there is rain during your runs. That said, you will need to look for heavy duty socks that will keep your feet safe and blister-free so that you will be able to enjoy your runs even on heavy downpour.

Store your devices in a plastic baggy

Most of us tend to run with our devices as listening to music keeps us at the right pace. Also, since most phones can store apps for running, it also comes in handy to determine the distance you’ve run and so on. That said, you need to protect your phone from the rain and what better way to do this than store it in a plastic baggy? It’s inexpensive but it does the trick of protecting your device from being waterlogged while you run.

Trash bags work too

If you are still saving up for that running jacket, trash bags can do the job of keeping you dry at least while it rains. Just cut some holes for your head and arms and you’re good to go. How’s that for a DIY raincoat for your run?

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