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Health Benefits of Achacha

In Brazil, there is a local fruit that is called achacha. It is regarded as a superfood most especially because it is related to mangosteen which is revered across the planet for its nutritional profile and health benefits. Continue reading to know more about achacha. And once you’re through, introduce your family and friends to it by reposting this article.

Achacha is a small fruit that is in the shape of an egg, but with a more pointed top. It sports a shiny orange skin that can be very tough, but nonetheless edible — it can be turned into a refreshing drink. This beverage is commonly taken by individuals who wish to slim down because certain compounds in achacha’s skin have weight-loss properties.

Going back to the fruit itself, the taste is like no other fruit out there, courtesy of its exceptional blend of sweetness and acidity — you have to try it for yourself to have a better idea! Achacha is commonly frozen, instantly turning it into sorbet. Slices of achacha may be added to vegetable or fruit salads, and also used as toppings for yogurt or oatmeal.

By the way, achacha is also commonly turned into honey, and it’s said to carry a price tag that is about 10 times higher than that of a regular honey. It doesn’t come cheap due to the impressive medicinal properties it’s known to possess. While it may put a dent on your budget, achacha honey can leave a positive impact on your wellbeing.

Now that you know achacha better, it’s time for you to take a look at some of the health benefits it can offer:

It Keeps You From Going Down With the Cold or Flu

Achacha is very rich in vitamin C, which is an immune booster. This is the reason why adding it (and other vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables) to your diet as regularly as possible can help lower your risk of ending up with an infection of the upper part of the respiratory system, such as the common cold and flu — even while they’re in season!

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It Slows Down the Aging of the Skin

Vitamin C found in great amounts in achacha is also very good at slowing the aging process of the skin. It’s for the fact that the said nutrient is a powerful antioxidant capable of neutralizing age-accelerating free radicals. Vitamin C is also needed for the creation of collagen, a substance that makes your skin firm and less prone to wrinkling and sagging.

It May Lower Risk of Heart Disease, Heart Attack and Stroke

One of the many nutrients present in achacha is potassium, and medical experts say that it’s something that can help keep high blood pressure at bay. Potassium does that by causing the blood vessels to widen, resulting in the lowering of the blood pressure. As a result, a person’s risk of having heart disease, heart attack and stroke may be lowered.

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It Helps Promote Regular Movement of the Bowels

Achacha is also packed with dietary fiber, and indigestible type of carbohydrates that offers a number of health perks. One of those is the regular evacuation of the bowels — fiber helps keep constipation at bay. The regular intake of achacha and other high-fiber foods is also known to help lower your risk of having hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer.

It is Known to Keep Birth Defects From Striking

Pregnant women are encouraged to eat good amounts of achacha most especially during first few months of being in the family way. That’s because this Brazilian fruit is a great source of folate, a B vitamin proven to help prevent birth defects in babies, particularly neural tube defects that involve failure of the brain and spinal cord to develop properly.

If you have health-conscious family members and friends who love getting their hands on exotic fruits, introduce them to achacha by reposting this article on your different social media sites!

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