Cold Remedies That Are Safe for Pregnant and Nursing Moms

Expecting mothers and those who are already nursing know full well that they need to be careful with their overall health, as taking medications are not really recommended for their current state. After all, whatever medication you may take can be passed on to your baby which may have some side effects to them especially when you are taking large doses.

But with our weakened immune system, combined with lack of proper sleep, we can be prone to having a cold from time to time. How can you deal with this condition?

Sleep it off

Since taking medications immediately while you are pregnant or breastfeeding is not recommended, one of the simplest ways to treat your illness is to get plenty of rest. As a pregnant woman, your condition can take a toll on your body and your immune system, hence you become prone to this common illness. Sleeping it off may give you a chance to nip it at the bud.

Get more fluids

It’s important that you increase your intake of fluids when you have a cold while breastfeeding. Since your baby will need more of your milk, you will need to replenish the lost store of fluids in your body. Drinking water can also help flush the virus that is causing your sneezing.

Herbal steam

Another possible remedy to help with your clogged or runny nose is to do a herbal steam. What’s great about this remedy is that it is completely safe for your baby since you are not using any medications. All that you have to do is to boil some water, then add a few drops of peppermint essential oil in the water, mix then bend over it to inhale the steam. This will actually help thin out the mucus in your airways to help you feel better.

Load up on vitamin C

In order to fight off the common cold, it would be better if you add more vitamin c in your daily diet. The good news is that there is no shortage of food that has vitamin C since you can have tomatoes, blackberries, cantaloupe, broccoli, and the like. Taking supplements may also be useful but discuss it with your doctor first.


Another possible remedy that you can use when you are pregnant, or breast feeding is garlic. Garlic is known for its ability to enhance your immune system which is necessary for fighting off the cold. You can add more in your cooking or you can chew on it if you can stand the smell.

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