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KOMBUCHA Health Benefits

Kombucha is a drink that gives one immortality. Or so legends in China suggest. But it’s not called the “Immortal Health Elixir” for nothing. Kombucha is a concoction that’s over two thousand years old. It has earned a sterling reputation throughout history. It has been said that kombucha has a lot of advantages such as the stoppage of cancer, joint pain and chronic crippling illnesses.

It is created from tea that has been made sweet, and has gone through a fermentation process by a bacteria-yeast combination. It only became popular in Westernized culture in recent times.

Russian and German scientists studied and experimented on the advantages of kombucha in the early part of the previous century. This was prompted because of an increasing number of people afflicted with cancer. In Russia, researchers found that a big part of their population seemed to be invulnerable to cancer. They theorized that it was because of kombucha. After a number of tests, they concluded that it was true, that kombucha indeed helped the body against cancer and they also discovered the ingredient in it that was crucial.

In Germany, researchers followed up on the study and added several new dimensions to it. As the Cold War started, the focus of the studies shifted to other things. Kombucha finally made its way to the US in the nineties. This was the first time the Americans had studied the fabled beverage. Because of capitalism, there was no extensive research conducted on the drink. Nobody in the pharmaceutical industry wanted any part of a drink that anyone could make for fifty cents a gallon. No company would profit from such an endeavor.

Due to its sudden climb to fame, those in Western countries have access to the records from the studies done in Russia and Germany, which have been translated to English. There also have been a couple of surveys made by kombucha makers. Although there are a few number of studies conducted on the drink, a lot of information has already been gathered on the ingredients found in it like antioxidants and certain acids.

But even if empirical information is lacking, kombucha still has two thousand years worth of solid reputation and following backing it up.   

Here are some of the beneficial effects of the Immortal Elixir.

  1. It detoxifies your body.

The liver is the first organ to benefit from the body being detoxified. Then cancer is also prevented. The ability to detoxify is one of the reasons kombucha is held in very high regard. It has an abundance of the elements that your body uses for detoxification. This eases the burden on your pancreas and liver. The amount of glucaric acid in the drink is also very high. And as studies suggest, glucaric acid a dependable cancer-preventer. I personally know of two cancer survivors who have won their battles against cancer without the experience of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. They fought by detoxifying themselves by purifying their homes of chemicals and drastically changing their diet. One the focal points of this change in their lifestyle was the regular consumption of kombucha.  Even the late Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote about kombucha stating that it helped cure his colon cancer while he was in a labor camp. It was because of this that Ronald Reagan, President of the US, drank the legendary beverage after he was diagnosed with cancer in 1987. He passed away in 2004 because of natural causes, and not cancer.

  1. It takes care of your joints.
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The glucosamine in kombucha help in preventing and treating any kind of arthritis. It increases the production of certain acids that help preserve cartilage thus preventing pain experienced from arthritis. The soothing effect can be compared to that provided by modern medicines. These acids allows tissue to keep moisture a lot heavier than itself while maintaining its structure and moisture and keeping it lubricated and flexible. It also decreases the amount of damage done by free radicals. It is also observed that there are fewer visible wrinkles because of kombucha.

  1. It aids in the digestion of food and overall health of the digestive system.

Because of the bacteria and yeast in it, kombucha is probiotic. This provides a lot of advantages like better digestion, less candida, and better mental health. Because of this, kombucha is known to combat issues related to mental health like depression and anxiety.

  1. It also enhances your immunity.

The drink is especially abundant in antioxidants which can strengthen one’s immunity and defense against the elements. It can also boost an individual’s energy levels.

You can discover more about the wonderful kombucha.

Is kombucha really good for us?

I have to admit that at the start, I wasn’t buying into the hype. It sounded too good to be true. And in my experience, when something sounded too good to be true, it probably is. But when I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a cure. It was more of a health drink. It makes you healthier by helping the liver detoxify the body, making digestion more efficient, and simply having a lot of beneficial ingredients.

The overwhelming opinion is that if consumed regularly, there will be a noticeable boost in the function of your immune system as well as an increase in your vitality in a week’s time. You will also feel relief with minor illnesses after a few weeks, and the extermination of more serious sicknesses in a year.

Kombucha is readily available in health food stores, but I suggest trying to make some if you can.












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