Health Benefits of Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are some of the most widely available types of mushrooms out there because they can easily grow in the wild — you can even grow some of them in your garden even if you don’t have a green thumb! That’s wonderful news because it means you can have easy access to some very nutritious foods with numerous health perks to offer.

They are named as such because their caps are broad and tend to fan out, looking like opened oysters. The caps can be grayish white or brownish tan in color, while the gills underneath them usually have cream coloration.

Because they are very, very low in fat and calories, oyster mushrooms are perfect for individuals who are trying to get rid of excess pounds or keeping unwanted ones from creeping in. They’re also ideal for health-conscious people because of the fact that they contain absolutely no cholesterol, plus they are packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Magnesium, potassium, iron, selenium, calcium, zinc, sodium, copper, and vitamins B and D — these are just some of the nutrients that you can obtain from every serving of oyster mushrooms. They also contain good amounts of protein, making them perfect for vegetarians as well as those who like to reduce their intake of animal products.

Let’s now take a look at some of the reasons why you should regularly include oyster mushrooms in your diet:

Boosted Mood

Ever wondered why people who are feeling down are recommended to have some sun? Well, that’s because the sun is a good source of vitamin D which is needed for lifting the mood. Since oyster mushrooms are actually rich in vitamin D, their consumption on a regular basis can help save you from feeling depressed.

Strengthened Bones

Aside from lifting the mood, vitamin D is also crucial for preventing osteoporosis. It’s for this reason why some women who are at risk of the said bone disease are recommended to supplement with vitamin D. That’s because vitamin D, which you can found abundantly in oyster mushrooms, helps the body to absorb calcium so much better.

Improved RBC Count

There are two nutrients present in oyster mushrooms that help in keeping at bay or even reversing iron-deficiency anemia, which is characterized by the inability of the blood to properly carry oxygen. One is vitamin B2 which is essential for red blood cell (RBC) production, and the other is iron which boosts the oxygen-transporting properties of RBCs.

Enhanced Immunity

Iron is not only important for preventing anemia, but also strengthening the immune system. There are so many other minerals present in oyster mushrooms that also help boost a person’s immunity, thus lowering his or her risk of having infections. Some of them include selenium, copper and zinc.

Lowered Blood Pressure

There is also good amounts of potassium present in every serving of oyster mushrooms. It’s for this reason why they should be regularly included in the diet of individuals who suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension. Potassium is beneficial for them in a way that it relaxes the blood vessels, resulting in blood pressure regulation.

Increased Muscle Mass

What’s so nice about oyster mushrooms is they also supply the body with protein, which is needed for the production of certain hormones and enzymes that permit and regulate various bodily processes. And as everybody knows, protein is also essential for building muscles as well as repairing and maintaining them.

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