FitnessBoost Your Collagen with the Right Foods

Boost Your Collagen with the Right Foods

Collagen is a type of protein that is needed by our skin to retain its smooth and soft structure. When you were young, your body produces a lot of this protein hence you have that youthful glow. However, this can change as we age since our body starts to deteriorate thus less collagen is being produced. When this happens, fine lines and wrinkles start to appear which can affect our overall look.

Although there are skincare products that promise to fight off signs of aging, they can only work on the damage to the surface of the skin which is not what you would want. That said, if you want to be able to increase collagen production properly, you might want to turn to the following foods.

Bone broth

Bone broth is one way of enhancing collagen production as it is known to contain collagen from the bones which can also contribute to the elasticity of your skin. Not only does it warm the stomach, it also comes with vital nutrients that are good for our overall health.


Eating fish may help you with your omega-3 needs, but you should also consider it for your collagen needs that can be found from the bones and ligaments. Although the meat of the fish does have some collagen to them, they are nothing compared to what is found in the less desirable parts of this seafood which are the eyes, head, and scales even.

Dark green vegetables

Another food that you should add to your diet to help with your collagen production is dark green vegetables. Kale and spinach are just a few examples to consider because they are high in vitamin C content which are known to help with one’s collagen production. You can eat them as is or add them to soups and stews if you like, along with other whole foods to support your overall health.

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Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits should have a place in your diet as they are known to contain high amounts of vitamin C which can boost your collagen production. Among your choices are oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes which are high in vitamin C content. You can eat them raw, slice them up for your salads, or broil them if you like. There are so many ways to prepare them.

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White tea

Drinking white tea has been found to be effective in protecting the collagen protein in your body. It appears that the polyphenols found in white tea can actually prevent certain enzymes from breaking down collagen which stops signs of aging. Instead of drinking coffee or juice, why not try this beverage?


Garlic may be a staple in your kitchen because of its ability to add more flavor to your meals, but did you know that it also helps with your collagen production as well? Garlic contains sulfur which is a type of trace mineral that can stop collagen breakdown. Of course, you will need to consume a lot of this in order to help your collagen production, but the good news is that you can combine it with other foods like dark leafy greens to help you with your collagen needs.


Eating beans is highly advisable because they are good sources of protein as well as amino acids that are needed for collagen synthesis. What’s more, there are certain types of beans that also have copper in them which also play a part in your collagen production.

These are just a few examples of foods that can help you retain that youthful glow to your skin without relying too much on skincare products.

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