Foundation Commandments for Flawless Skin

You’ve finally mastered the art of creating the perfect winged eyeliner or managed to perfectly line your lips every time, but somehow you just can’t seem to get your foundation right.  Well, the bad news is that your foundation application is one of the most important part of your makeup routine. This is the base of your whole makeup. Messing this up will require you to start all over again or you’ll end up with botched makeup. So, get it right the first time is important. Not only will you save up on product – you will also end up with flawless makeup. To ensure that you get your flawless skin foundation finish, follow these foundation commandments!

It’s All about The Canvas

No matter how skillful you are with application or how great your products are, your canvas will affect everything. The smoother your canvas is the more natural your foundation application will be. If you have oily, peeling of flaky skin during your foundation application. We guarantee that you will not get the result you want. Flaking, peeling and oily skin will affect the result of your whole makeup. It can cause caking, patchiness, scaly appearance and excess shine. Before you even start dealing with what foundation shade you are going to use, smooth your canvas out. Wash your face to remove any excess oil and dirt on the skin. Exfoliate if you are peeling or flaking. If your skin is too sensitive for exfoliating, then this is a sign to go makeup free for a while. Once you’ve removed your dead skin cells and remove excess oil you are ready for the next step.


If you have just gotten out of the shower or finished cleaning your face, it is best to apply your moisturizer now. A few minutes after washing the face or applying a hydrating mist is the best time to apply moisturizer since it can lock in the moisture. This is such an important step to getting flawless skin. Without moisturizer the foundation will not glide as smoothly on the skin as it should and can cause it to become cake-y. This step will also give your skin the supple and dewy appearance that makes it look natural. Before you go to the next step, make sure that you moisturizer is completely dry to prevent splotchy makeup. If you can carry a hydrating mist with you to spritz on through the day. This can help keep your makeup fresh. Just remember to dab the excess water from your face. Some people, especially ones that are acidic and oily can use primer to help keep their make up in place.

The Right Formula

Our skin is not created equal. Some parts of our face can be oily and some can be normal. Thankfully, there are different types of foundation, from gels, creams, powder and liquid. All of these serve a specific purpose. Powder foundation is great for mattfying oily skin, but can accentuate dry skin. Cream foundation is great for dry skin, but can make oily skin a lot oilier. You can narrow down your choices of foundation by getting your skin tested. This will help you identify which type of foundation will fit you best.

Getting the Right Shade

Packaging can be deceiving. Some foundation may appear darker or lighter on the box or container and can be a whole different shade when it comes to your skin. This is why it is vital for you to go to a makeup counter with testers. This can help you find the shade that is just right for your skin tone. If you are someone that tends to tan easily, then consider buying a shade darker foundation. You can mix your foundation to get the right color.

Learn How to Conceal

Learning about the proper procedures for concealers and color correctors is essential to getting flawless skin. No matter how good your foundation is, there will be some spots or blemish on your face that will require concealing and color correcting. Some people swear by concealer first, then foundation – but others will say the other way around. I guess this step is really up to you and what you think works best for your skin.


After you’ve set your foundation go to different areas of your house and outside. Your foundation may look perfect in fluorescent light and look ghostly in bright light. This is an important step you need to take, especially if you are using a new foundation.


So, what exactly makes a flawless foundation finish? Well, most beauty experts and makeup artist will say that the finish should be perfectly blended and have a silky smooth appearance. It should not be too light or too dark. It has to be elusive and should not look like you are wearing thick amount of makeup. Practice makes perfect when it comes to foundations too. Trying out different products and tools can also help you master applying your foundation. The above is just a simple guideline to help you get that perfect finish every time.
















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