Remedies Apple Cider Vinegar Remedies to Treat Rashes

Apple Cider Vinegar Remedies to Treat Rashes

Rashes on our skin can appear from time to time, and although they can disappear as quickly as they come, there are some skin conditions that tend to linger for a few days. Skin rashes are often itchy, red, and can be uncomfortable to have around. Most of us will utilize creams and ointments to make them disappear, but sometimes sticking with natural solutions can be of good use too.

Fortunately, one particular ingredient that has been found to be effective in treating rashes is apple cider vinegar. One reason behind this is that the acetic content of this vinegar can easily counter any allergies or infections that may be causing rashes to appear in the first place. Using apple cider vinegar can actually help regulate the pH level of your skin. Here are a few remedies using apple cider vinegar that can help make those rashes disappear.

Apple cider vinegar bath

If the rashes have appeared in different parts of your body, one way to reach those hard-to-reach areas is to prepare an apple cider vinegar bath. You will need 2 cups of ACV which you should mix in your lukewarm bathwater. Soak in this solution for about half an hour then pat your skin dry. Apply moisturizer afterwards. You can repeat this treatment 3 to 4 times a week.

Apple cider vinegar clay pack

The combination of the alkaline properties of ACV and the absorption of toxins by the clay creates a strong remedy to make the rashes disappear. You will need 2 tablespoons each of apple cider vinegar and clay powder. Put the powder in a small bowl and slowly add the vinegar. Mix the ingredients slowly using wooden spatula until you create a paste. Spread on a porous cloth which you can then apply on the affected area just like when you use a bandage. Once it has dried, remove the cloth then wash the area completely.

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Diluted apple cider vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar on its own can have some mild effects on the skin which is why it is better that you dilute it first. Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water in a small bowl then dip a cotton in it. Apply this on the affected areas. You can do this two to three times in a day or until the rashes have completely disappeared.

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