Signs that You Have Toxic Liver

Our body is often absorbing toxins every day, from the air that we breathe, the food that we eat, and the environment that we are living in. The liver is the one responsible for flushing out the toxins in our body by producing enzymes that can neutralize the poisonous effects of the toxic substances in the body. Afterwards, the liver will then combine these compounds with other chemicals until they become soluble, so your body will be able to flush them out.

But what if your liver is not working properly? The liver can become lazy from time to time which means that the toxins may stick to your fatty tissues causing you to gain weight. This can be a problem since the accumulation of toxins in the liver can leave you exposed to various illnesses. How will you know if you have toxic liver? Here are a few signs to watch out for.

You have itchy skin

One sign that your liver is acting up is that you have an itchy skin. The problem is that when we have itchy skin, we don’t normally pay attention to it unless there are rashes appearing. However, this can be a sign that bile is present in your bloodstream because of liver damage.

You bleed or bruise easily

Another sign that you should watch out for is when you tend to bleed or bruise quickly. This can easily mean that the proteins that are needed to clot your blood are not being produced properly.

Hormonal imbalance

Women often experience hormonal imbalance during their period, but this can also be a sign that your liver is not functioning well. When you are experiencing hormonal imbalance, you are prone to mood swings, fluctuating weight, and even higher stress levels.

More visceral fat

What other signs should you watch out for that may show that you have poor liver function? Well, if there are more visceral fat appearing in your midsection, it might be a sign that your metabolic function has slowed down. Keep in mind that your liver is the one responsible for metabolizing the food that you’ve eaten. If it slows down, it will be harder for you to remove visceral fat.

Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating can also be a sign that your liver is not functioning well because of the heat that it generates within your body. And because the liver is considered as a large organ, the overheating can affect the rest of your body which is typically referred to as “hot flashes”. When this happens, your body will be sweating a lot just to help you to cool down.

Bad breath

What else can show signs of liver problems? Bad breath is also another symptom that your liver is not functioning well. When your liver is sluggish, it won’t be able to metabolize or process the toxins that are present in your body which means that there will be a buildup of impurities in your blood. This can cause bacteria thriving in your mouth which can trigger bad breath.

Chronic fatigue

You might be surprised to find that the feeling of lethargy is linked to poor liver function. When you become sluggish, your body won’t be able to get your energy levels running hence the constant feeling of tiredness.

When these signs appear, it would be a good idea to have your liver checked as soon as possible or you can start with a liver detox first. Getting rid of the toxic substances that are present in your liver can help improve your overall health.

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