Amacha: An Herbal Beverage That’s 200 Times Sweeter Than Sugar


Do you dump a lot of sugar in your cup of tea because you are not really that happy with its kind of bitter taste? Then you should consider switching to what’s referred to as amacha. That’s because it naturally tastes so sweet. In fact, those who have already tried consuming it can attest to the fact that it is 200 times sweeter than sugar!

If you want to know more about this herbal tea, just keep on reading — below you will come across some of the most important matters about amacha, such as what it’s made of and the various health perks it’s known to offer.

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Amacha is actually a Japanese type of tea. In English, its name translates to sweet tea, and this gives away the fact that it’s a sweet-tasting herbal beverage.

Sometimes amacha is also referred to as hydrangea tea as it’s made from the processed leaves of a plant that’s referred to as hydrangea macrophylla. Usually, amacha is being sold in the form of loose tea, and all you have to do is drop a leaf or two in a cup of hot water and allow a few minutes to pass before consuming it.

The longer you allow the loose leaf to steep in hot water, the sweeter the resulting tea. And also, it’s very much possible for you to use the leaves for a few times as they do not immediately lose their sweetness and also potency.

Because amacha is so sweet, there is no more need for you to sweeten it with sugar which is unhealthy in all kinds of ways. Besides, who needs to add sugar to a cup of tea that’s touted as 200 times sweeter than sugar? It’s not unlikely for a first timer to easily mistake as serving of amacha for a cup of water with tons of sugar dissolved in it.

Refrain from assuming that his Japanese herbal beverage is only good for getting the taste buds pleased. Just like most other herbal teas out there, amacha also provides you with an assortment of impressive health benefits.

For instance, the intake of amacha is recommended for those who wish to deal with a urinary tract infection or UTI drug-free. That’s because it has diuretic properties — it can increase urine production, thus helping to flush infection-causing bacteria out of the excretory system.

Amacha is revered for its anti-inflammatory properties, and this is why you may regularly have a cup of it if you are often bugged by achy, swollen and stiff joints. The intake of NSAIDs all the time is not really a good idea because of the pesky side effects they bring and the serious health risks associated with them.

If you’re someone who is beauty-conscious, then you’ll be more than happy to know that amacha is in fact packed with antioxidants that fight off free radicals and reduce oxidative stress — both free radicals and oxidative stress can speed up the aging process.

Thanks to the loads of antioxidants present in amacha, it’s something that can help strengthen your immune system. So in other words, your risk of suffering from infections can be considerably reduced simply by welcoming this extremely sweet-tasting Japanese herbal beverage into your life.

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