Why is Farting Good for You

That sometimes awkward release of the natural gas of the body is called flatulence or farting. Flatulence is the act of releasing the built up gases that have been formed during the digestive processes. The gas is actually called flatus. It is the byproduct of the bacteria usually living in our gut.

It can be loud or quiet, odorless or it can stink up to the heavens! Yes, we all do it. And yes, it can be a bit embarrassing. However, farting is actually good for you. Here are some reasons why farting is good for you:

Rids of Bloating

Bloating is an abnormal increase in the diameter of the abdomen that is usually caused by fluid or gas built up inside the gut. It is typically characterized by a tight, full or swollen sensation all over the abdomen. The excess gases can be discharged by passing gas. In truth, ‘holding it in’ can trap these gases and can make you ill.

Regular Farting Equals To Health Gut Microbes

How many times do you fart in one day? And how many farts are smelly versus those that don’t? As researches have proven fart is surprisingly odorless. This is because the most common gases such as methane, nitrogen, oxygen etc. have little to no odor. When farts are of normal range of number (this could vary per person hence, you have to be observant) and have no odor, that means you have healthy gut microbes in your body and they are working just fine. These microbes actually help break down certain foods and aid in the digestion process.

Indicator Of Some Health Issues

On the other hand, smelly and frequent passing of gas may indicate some underlying health issues. It can be as mild as food sensitivity or intolerances or it can be a serious gut condition such as Crohn’s disease or Celiac disease and other illnesses. It also can indicate an imbalance of the gut microbes in your body that might be causing the frequent and smelly farts.

Reap The Benefits By Smelling It

Who ever thought that smelling farts can be good for you? Well, the scientists of course! They have conducted several experiments and have concluded that in small doses, I repeat, small doses, the gas, hydrogen sulfide ( a gas produced by the gut bacteria) reduces cellular damage. Healthy cells equal to healthy organs. And if you are wondering, yes, it is the smelly kind of fart, unfortunately.

Signals How To Tailor Fit Your Diet

Logically, the body needs a balanced diet to have all process of the body working harmoniously. However, for those that have food intolerances or medical conditions, farting can help you tweak your diet to reap the optimum benefits. Say for example, you are a lot of foods with milk and began experiencing loose bowel movement, stomach cramps, bloating or frequent and smelly fart, this might indicate an intolerance for milk and milk products. Hence, you will be able to customize your diet around those kinds of foods.

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