FitnessTop Health Benefits of Playing Squash

Top Health Benefits of Playing Squash

Squash may not be like basketball, tennis, badminton, soccer and volleyball in terms of popularity, but it’s definitely as intense as those. Actually, professional and casual players alike confess that a game of squash is akin to engaging in some of the most rigorous physical activities known to man.

However, what’s so nice about squash is it’s something that suits everybody. But of course it’s also important for players to have the same fitness level and amount of experience in playing squash.

If you’re on the hunt for a wonderful form of exercise, then it’s a great idea for you to consider squash. Fast-paced and never boring, it’s for certain that hitting the court won’t be as dreary as going to the gym. And since squash can be played by two (singles) or four (doubles) people, it’s always an exciting endeavor.

Consider yourself fortunate if there’s a squash court that you can easily pay a visit because it’s always a possibility for you to engage in an undeniably fun and electrifying sport with your family, friends and even complete strangers who could be your soon-to-be besties! So in other words, stepping foot on a squash court is like working out and socializing at the same time, which means that every game of squash is never a bore!

Did you know that fitness experts regard squash as one of the best forms of exercise around? That’s because it offers so many health benefits, and some of those that will surely leave you impressed include:

It Strengthens Your Heart

Just like any other muscle in your body, it’s of utmost importance to have your heart muscles worked out regularly. Doing so helps make them strong, thus considerably lowering your risk of having high blood pressure or heart disease. So in other words, squash is a phenomenal cardiovascular exercise.

It Burns Lots of Calories

Because it increases your heart and respiratory rates, it’s quite obvious that a game of squash enables you to burn tons of calories. Actually, fitness experts say that spending 60 minutes of your time on a squash court allows you to use up nearly 1,000 calories! Play really intensely and you can burn even more!

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It Targets Various Muscle Groups

Playing squash allows you to tone your arm muscles because of all the racket whippings that you need to perform. But since you’re also running around constantly, the muscles in your legs are worked out as well. And dig this: all the arm and leg movements also cause your core muscles to become toned!

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It Helps Get Rid of Stress

Having a busy day in the office can leave your muscles all tensed and your negative emotions pent up. It’s very important for you to lower your stress levels in order to dodge the health complications associated with being stressed. Playing squash is actually a wonderful stress-buster because it zaps those excess stress hormones.

It Lifts Your Spirits

Because you get to play with family and friends, a game of squash can definitely help lift your mood. Also, don’t forget that it’s an excellent form of exercise, so it can definitely flood your brain with those happy hormones. If you want to put a smile on your face, grab your squash racket and ask everyone to meet you on the court.

It Boosts Endurance and Flexibility

Engaging in squash on a regular basis helps in improving your endurance, thus allowing you to keep up with the fast-paced world outside of the squash court more efficiently. Squash also helps boost your flexibility, which is something that allows you to carry out all sorts of tasks easily and with less risk.

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