FitnessThigh Fat Blaster Workout

Thigh Fat Blaster Workout

Is your thigh fat bothering you? Are you having a hard time squeezing in those tight pants of yours? Women are more prone to thigh fat which can be bothersome especially when you’re wearing tight outfits. The rippling fat can make you loose confidence fast but the good news is that you can actually do something about it. Aside from cutting back on your intake of sweets, you will also need to do some serious thigh fat blasting exercises regularly not only to burn calories but also to sculpt your thigh muscles too. Here are some exercises that will help you reduce thigh fat in no time.

  • Firehydrants. Go down on all fours with your back straight and your knees about hip width apart. Raise your right leg outwards without unbending your knee. Make sure that your core is tight. Go back to your first position and do the same with the left leg. Keep alternating until you complete 10 reps on either side.
  • Hip extensions with circles. Stand straight with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Squeeze your shoulder blades together with your hands at your hips. With your right leg straight and your knee soft, lift your left leg behind you with your toes pointing until you feel a tightness in your glutes. Make sure that you don’t arch your back in the process. You should draw a four-point clockwise circle using your left toes then do the same going counterclockwise. Go back to your first position and repeat the steps with your right leg.
  • Inner thigh leg lifts. Here is another exercise that can blast your thigh fat. Lie down on your right side with your torso propped on your right elbow and forearm with your left hand placed on the floor before you. Bend left knee and place your left foot in front of your right knee. Tighten your core then raise your right leg as high as you can. Do 10 reps before switching to your left side.
  • Crescent kick over chair. For this exercise, you will be standing about an arm’s length from the back of a chair. Your shoulders should be in a relaxed state, with your fists under your chin, while your knees remain soft. Bring your left knee up and draw a crescent with your left foot from the left side of the chair to the right. Go back to your first position. Do the same steps with the other leg.
  • Side lunges. Stand with your feet wider than your shoulder’s width. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and position them near your hips. Bend your right knee as you push your hips back to go into a side lunge. Keep your left knee extended. Push yourself back up to go back to your first position then lunge to your left. Alternate your lunges until you complete 10 reps.
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These thigh blasters are guaranteed to burn the stubborn fats in your thighs while helping tone and sculpt your muscles too. The best part is that you can keep doing them any time you want and wherever you may be.



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