The 15-Minute Flat Belly Challenge

Your core is where all the power in your body begins which is why putting effort into strengthening can improve your overall health. There are several exercises that can actually help strengthen the entire core muscles such as obliques, central and deeper abdominal muscles, glutes, and lower back muscles. However, getting a flat belly won’t be that easy to accomplish even when you have a well-designed routine. You will also need to consider your diet too to get flat belly fast.

With regards to your flat belly, these exercises must be done as often as you can. And the best part is that even if you don’t have an hour to work out, these exercises will only take you 15 minutes to complete.


In this exercise, you should start by sitting on the floor with your feet on the floor. Shift your weight to your butt as you lean backwards and raising your feet off the floor until you create a V-shape. Now lean backwards as you straighten your legs without touching the floor. Keep your core engaged to keep you from toppling backwards. Now, bring your knees close to your chest as you go back to your V-position to complete one rep. Do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds. 

Crossover crunch side 

Another core workout that will blast belly fat is the crossover crunch side. Lie down on the floor on your back with your knees bent. Your hands should be positioned behind your head. Twist your torso to the left while raising your right knee to meet with your left elbow. Make sure that your core is engaged. Go back to your first position to complete one rep. You will need to do 15 reps first before switching to the other side. 

Basic crunch 

Since you are developing your core muscles, the basic crunch should still be incorporated into your routine. In this exercise, you should lie on the floor on your back with your knees bent. Engage your core as you lift your torso off the floor and towards your knees. Make sure that you don’t bend your neck too much as you raise yourself off the floor. Go back to your first position. You will need to do 20 reps. 

Flutter kicks 

Flutter kicks will really put your core to the test as well as your glutes and lower back. In this exercise, you will need to lie on the floor on your back with your hands positioned behind your head and your legs extended. Lift your shoulders off the floor as you lift your left leg high. As you lower your left leg, raise your right leg at the same time. Make sure that your left foot remains suspended. Keep alternating your legs to execute flutter kicks. You will need to do 30 reps for this exercise. 

Heel touches 

In this exercise, you will be working on your obligues and your upper core. While still lying on the floor, bend your knees so that your feet will be flat on the floor. Raise your upper back from the floor while engaging your core. Now reach out to your left side to reach for your left heel then go back to the center. Do the same with the other side. You will need to do 15 reps on each side.

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