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Are There Alternatives to Flossing?

We all know that flossing on a regular basis is a smart step to the attainment of superb oral health. It’s an effective way to remove food particles and plaque most especially in places that your good old toothbrush cannot reach.


Not really a fan of flossing? Get rid of that frown because there are alternatives to flossing that can help keep your smile perfect! According to dental experts, you may try the following if you are not an enthusiast of the thread, or flossing is something that is not practical or applicable for the time being:


Brushing Your Teeth

Experts say that electric toothbrushes are more effective than conventional toothbrushes in removing anything that you don’t want lurking in your mouth. Investing in a high quality electric toothbrush can help keep your pearly whites in superb condition if regular flossing is the least of your liking.


Using Mouthwash

It’s a good idea to follow brushing your teeth with rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash. See to it that you do your best to have your mouth thoroughly rinsed with it in order to zap bacteria that can cause plaque and gum disease. Don’t like the sting? Then opt for mouthwash that does not contain any alcohol.


Reaching for a Toothpick

Worry not if brushing and using mouthwash is not possible because you can simply get your hands on a toothpick. While this tool is very cheap and easily accessible, be very careful with using it to remove food particles stuck between your teeth. Refrain from forcing it in those tight spaces between your choppers. Also, don’t be in a rush to save your gums from being stabbed accidentally by that toothpick!


Opting for a Soft Pick

These days, you can easily grab a pack of soft picks. They are like just like toothpicks, except the ends feature tiny brushes that help clean the spaces between your teeth. However, the use of soft picks is only beneficial for people who have enough spaces in between their teeth, allowing the ends of soft picks to be accommodated.

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Investing in a Water Flosser

Just like what the name says, a water flosser uses a stream of water to remove plaque in between teeth. However, the device necessary for such does not come with a cheap price tag. Also, dental experts say that a water flosser should be used before brushing — using it after brushing will only wash away fluoride, which is a mineral necessary for keeping your pearly whites strong, left behind toothpaste.


Relying on an Air Flosser

Another modern device that can be used in place of the good old dental floss is an air flosser. Using jets of air to dislodge food particles and plaque, it is said that this method is at par with traditional flossing. However, you should be willing to shell out a huge sum of money for this nifty dental device.






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