What is Assam Tea and Why Should You Drink It?

Assam tea is actually one of the most popular teas across the planet. It’s for certain that you have already come across it while you’re inside the local supermarket or health food store, although in an entirely different name.

This article will discuss some of the most essential matters about assam tea like its origin and health benefits.

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Assam tea got its name from its place of origin, and that is Assam which is one of the states of India.

Basically, assam tea is just a form of black tea, so it means that it also comes from the camellia sinensis plant. If you love consuming black tea, you are not going to have a hard time accepting assam tea with open arms.

Earlier, it was told that assam tea is a very popular tea, although you may not recognize it right away.

Most manufacturers label their assam tea products as English breakfast tea or Irish breakfast tea for a more international appeal. So each time that you drink breakfast tea, you drink assam tea.

There are so many health perks that assam tea offers, and some of them will be discussed below.

But first, let’s tackle one very important thing about assam tea, and it’s the amount of caffeine it contains. Especially if you are sensitive to caffeine, it’s a must for you to know this aspect of assam tea.

Assam tea has a mellow and smooth flavor, and some people say that it even has a buttery tone to it. However, don’t let its taste fool you — assam tea actually contains lots of caffeine!

Experts say that an 8-oz cup of assam tea packs 80 mg of caffeine

This only means that it’s almost like a cup of coffee caffeine-wise. Needless to say, assam tea is one of the most caffeine-rich teas out there. So if you are sensitive to caffeine, be wary of drinking assam tea.

But if you have no problem with the intake of large amounts of caffeine, then feel free to have a cup or two of assam tea a day. Doing so allows you to enjoy the following:

Reduced Cancer Risk

Due to the loads of antioxidants in every cup of assam tea, consuming it on a regular basis may help in reducing your risk of cancer, according to experts.

Make sure that you pair the intake of assam tea with a healthy lifestyle to really keep cancer at bay!

Lowered Risk of Heart Disease

Antioxidants present in assam tea actually helps keep the blood vessels from ending up clogged, which is a no-no as it can cause an increase in blood pressure, a risk factor for heart disease.

But if you are diagnosed with heart disease, make sure that you inform your doctor about your plan on taking assam tea just to be safe.

Optimized Bowel Movement

The intake of assam tea is said to be beneficial for people who suffer from constipation.

It’s for the fact that this tea possesses mild laxative properties — a cup of it stimulates the intestines, promoting bowel movement. It is a good idea to pair assam tea intake with plenty of fluids and being physically active.

Enhanced Mental Functioning

Numerous studies have shown that assam tea is very good at enhancing the functioning of the brain, causing alertness, better focus and sharper memory.

Scientists say that certain compounds in assam tea are capable of shielding the brain cells from damage, thus inhibiting mental decline and also lowering a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

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