Medical Conditions That Can Make You Gain Weight

Everyone is completely aware that failure to exercise on a regular basis and the consumption of excessive amounts of sugary and fatty foods can cause weight gain.

Unfortunately, unwanted pounds may still show up even if the individual is leading an active lifestyle as well as closely monitoring the things that go into his or her mouth.

According to doctors, there are in fact certain medical conditions that can be blamed for unintended weight gain.

If you’re interested to know which ones they are, keep on reading. After checking out this article, remember to share it on your various social media sites so that your family and friends may get to read it, too.

Chronic Stress

Experiencing stress every now and then is completely normal. In fact, it comes with certain perks.

However, it is a completely different story is stress is constantly around. Chronic stress, experts say, needs to be managed effectively. Otherwise, all sorts of nightmarish health issues may come into being.

One of the problems that chronic stress can bring is weight gain because it causes fat accumulation in order to ensure the person’s survival — but it can actually his or her health at risk.


It’s true that people who are suffering from anxiety have no appetite in particular whenever they are having a lot of their usual anxious thoughts.

Despite of this, it’s possible for many of anxiety sufferers to end up gaining unwanted pounds.

That’s because being anxious all the time registers as chronic stress to the body which, just like what’s mentioned above, can encourage the accumulation of excess fat.


Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland residing in your neck. It secretes hormones that regulate a number of bodily processes, and metabolism is included.

In some instances, the thyroid fails to secrete enough hormones, a condition known as hypothyroidism.

Such can cause the metabolic rate to slow down considerably — every figure-conscious person is aware of the fact that a sluggish metabolism is something that can cause unnecessary weight gain.

Hashimoto’s Disease

Speaking of the thyroid, there is a medical condition that causes the cells of the said gland situated in your neck to become damaged. It’s referred to as Hashimoto’s disease.

Experts consider it as an autoimmune problem — your immune system attacks healthy and harmless cells or tissues of the body, and that includes the cells of your thyroid.

Just like with most other autoimmune issues, no one really knows the exact cause of Hashimoto’s disease


Short for polycystic ovary syndrome, PCOS is a reproductive health issue concerning women. It is characterized by the presence of increased levels of male hormones in the body of the affected female.

Unintended weight gain is one of the various symptoms of PCOS.

If you’re a woman who is suffering from PCOS, you may also experience acne, excessive hair growth, irregular periods and heavy bleeding during periods. You may also have a hard time getting in the family way.


There is a problem concerning the heart that can make you gain weight, and that’s congestive heart failure or CHF.

It is characterized by the weakening of the heart muscles, thus keeping your ticker from being able to pump blood very well all over your body.

Because the heart is unable to carry out its blood pumping task effectively, it’s not unlikely for fluid to collect most especially in the belly area and lower extremities, causing you to gain water weight.

WARNING: Make sure that you pay your doctor a visit if you gained weight and you don’t know why. This is true most especially if the appearance of those excess pounds is accompanied by unusual symptoms.

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