Lesser-Known Causes of Frequent Burping

Eating too fast, drinking fizzy beverages, chewing gum — everyone knows that these things can cause the accumulation of gas in the stomach, causing frequent burping.

However, there are other reasons for excessive burping that not many people are aware of. So if you are quite sure that you take your time when you’re eating, avoid glugging down soda and refrain from popping a gum in your mouth but you still burp a lot, then there may be another thing that can be blamed for such.

Anything from smoking to being anxious can actually leave you burping more often than usual. There are also conditions that are related to the GI tract that may drive out more gas out of your mouth. Certain medications can actually cause frequent burping as one of their unfavorable side effects.

Pinpointing the root cause is the initial step that you have to take in order to save yourself from the embarrassment that burping a lot brings. Once identified, you can then take the necessary actions to keep excess gas at bay. Some actions require simple lifestyle changes, while others call for a trip to the doctor’s office.

So without further ado, here are some of the lesser-known causes of too much burping:

Feeling Anxious

You may not know it but you are pumping more air down your throat each time you are having an anxiety attack. That’s because being anxious can leave you hyperventilating, which then increases your risk of swallowing lots of air. If you tend to burp a lot, check if it’s your frequent bout of anxiety that is the reason behind it.

Being Stressed Out

When you’re stressed, you are not aware that you are swallowing more air than you should because of your rapid breathing. For some people, it can also cause the urge to consume lots of unhealthy foods and beverages, many of which can cause excessive gas and ultimately burping. Keeping your stress levels to a minimum not only helps ward off too much burping, but also keep at bay the many health problems that chronic stress is known to bring.

Smoking Cigarettes

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for the health. It’s also bad for your image in a lot of ways because it makes you smell like smoke, leaves your lips darkened and causes your teeth be discolored. Burping excessively is another effect of cigarette smoking that can definitely leave you feeling humiliated. So if you care about your image and most especially your wellbeing, put an end to your nasty habit of smoking cigarettes.

Wearing Loose Dentures

Do you have dentures that don’t fit well? Chances are that’s the reason why it seems like you are burping more often than usual. The use of loose dentures causes you to swallow lots of air each time you attempt to secure them in place. The solution to this is a trip to your dentist so that you may be given new dentures that properly fit.

Taking Certain Drugs

It’s no secret that drugs come with side effects, and some of the ones you are currently taking may be the reason behind that frequent burping. Certain types of laxatives and medications for pain are known to trigger excessive gas production in the stomach. The same is true with a common drug for type 2 diabetes known as acarbose. If you suspect that your frequent burping is caused by a prescription drug that you’re taking, see your doctor.

Having a Digestive Issue

Excessive burping can sometimes be due to some underlying medical conditions, in particular those that have something to do with the digestive system. Acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, gastritis, peptic ulcers and lactose intolerance are some of them. Consulting a specialist can help you identify and manage the problem.

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