Tropical Nail Art Designs Ideal for Summer

Feeling the summer is not just about ditching those thick clothes and opting for shorter outfits but you can also exude the summer season with your nails. Nail art designs can make a huge difference with your nails as they can be paired with your outfit or add more interest to your overall look. Lots of women are sporting nail arts nowadays so why not get into the summer mood by painting your nails with some tropical nail art designs like the ones below?

Beach inspired nail art. Love the sea? Try the beach inspired nail art design where you paint three of your nails with some aquamarine lacquer in matte to give off that sea vibe. To make your hands stand out, paint one nail with some sparkly glitter while the other nail can be painted with black and white stripe with a painting of flower on one side. Apply top coat to protect your nails from the summer heat.

Sunset tropical nail art. Summer is also the perfect time to enjoy beautiful sunsets by the beach but why wait to head out to the beach when you can have your own sunset with you? You just need three colors to pull this off and these are blue, pink, as well as orange, fused together to create a dramatic sunset. Paint some palm trees on one to two nails and you’ll definitely get that sunset vibe. Add some jewels  on the center of your nails near the cuticle bed for added design.

Summer gradients. If you don’t want to paint your nails with solid colors, do the summer gradient look. Nothing beats the combination of salmon and light sea green as a play for the sun and the sea in soft tones. Wearing this nail art will definitely work perfectly with your trip to the beach or when you plan on dipping in the pool.

Palm leaves nail art. Aside from the blue ocean and the fine sandy beaches, palm leaves are also a summer icon because they give off that tropical vibe. You can paint some palm leaves on nude nails to make them pop out more. You don’t have to stick with the green color when it comes to your palm leaves nail art. The sky is the limit as to how you want to paint these tropical leaves on your nails.

Rainbow nails. What would happen if you dip your nails in a bottle of rainbow? Well, how about a groovy nail art design? If you have the time, and the patience too, to paint your nails in a swirl of different colors, then you are in luck because the rainbow nail art is a guaranteed head turner especially during the summer. The fun colors of the rainbow painted in different swirls on your nails can really capture your free spirit and your goal to enjoy the summer season too.

Trendy tropical nail art. Going back to the beach look doesn’t have to be boring especially when there is a host of nail colors that you can play with. Take for example combining white nail polish with different neon nail paint which you can use to draw palm trees on each nail. You’ll definitely be bringing the wonders of the summer with you wherever you go. 

These are just a few tropical nail art designs that you might want to try if you want to get into the summer mood. There is a wide array of colors for you to try out and experiment with so make sure that you have fun painting your nails with these nail art ideas.

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