Reasons for You to Consider Drinking Dark Beer

In moderation, drinking beer offers a number of health perks. Did you know that scientists are saying that dark beer is something that outshines any other type of beer out there when it comes to providing benefits?

This article will let you know some of the reasons why you should welcome dark beer into your life.

But before we take a look at them, let’s get one very important thing straight: the consumption of beer is only good for you if it’s done moderately. This means that every day you should drink no more than 2 servings of beer a day if you’re a male and no more than 1 serving of beer a day if you’re a female.

Drinking more beer than recommended per day can do more harm than good!

Going back to dark beer, the reason why scientists say that it is so much better for your health than other beer types is it contains more flavonoids — it’s exactly for this reason why dark beer is, well, darker in color.

Flavonoids possess antioxidant properties, and this is what makes them very good for you. You see, antioxidants have the ability to neutralize excess free radicals in the body. You don’t want to have lots of free radicals within as they damage healthy cells, resulting in anything from inflammation, disease development to accelerated aging.

The more flavonoids a beverage has, the darker its color. And that is why experts are saying that red wine is so much better for you than white wine — red wine is darker in color because it has more flavonoids.

If you want to take full advantage of the health benefits of dark beer, scientists say that you should consume it with meals so that its flavonoids can start zapping free radicals as soon as those destructive molecules are introduced into your body — yes, you can get some free radicals from the food you eat.

Besides, consuming dark beer with food can help keep the healthy beverage from considerably increasing the amount of acids in your stomach, which is something that can easily lead to heartburn.

Now let’s take a look at some of the health benefits that dark beer in moderation can offer:

It reduces risk of cataracts

Do you want to keep your 20/20 vision intact for the rest of your life? Make sure that you drink dark beer in moderation. According to studies, its flavonoid content can help in keeping cataracts as well as a bunch of other degenerative eye diseases at bay.

It prevents iron-deficiency anemia

Dark beer contains iron, a mineral that’s necessitated by the body for the production of red blood cells that transport oxygen. So in other words, including dark beer in your diet moderately can help keep iron-deficiency anemia from striking.

It increases good cholesterol levels

Believe it or not, dark beer has the ability to increase the levels of good cholesterol in the bloodstream. And what’s so nice about that? Well, as the levels of good cholesterol increase, the levels of bad cholesterol that’s linked to heart attack and stroke decrease.

It lowers heart disease risk

Since the intake of dark beer in moderate amounts is proven to help decrease bad cholesterol levels by increasing good cholesterol levels, your risk of having heart disease, which is the leading killer on the face of the planet, can be reduced considerably.

If you want to enjoy all of the above mentioned health benefits, make sure that you opt for high quality dark beer. Also, never ever forget the importance of drinking it in moderate amounts. Otherwise, the intake of dark beer can become damaging rather than beneficial to your body.

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