Fitness Tips on Toning the Legs

Tips on Toning the Legs

The legs help people in movement, such as in repositioning, sitting, standing, walking, jumping, and running. Thus, a pair of healthy and toned legs helps a person maintain these activities in optimal degree. The following are some tips on toning the legs.

Warrior III

Warrior III is a yoga move that tones the legs, as well as the core. According to Health, the person stands with her feet together and lifts up her left leg with a pointed toe, while putting her body weight onto the standing right leg. Next, she continues to lift her leg and drops her head and torso. Then, she engages her core and ensures that her left hip, thigh, and toes are aligned. She remains facing down and keeps her back as straight as possible. She also sees to it that her right knee does not lock and the center the weight on the middle of the foot. The person holds the position for five breaths, before she slowly returns to standing position.

Lunge Around the Clock

Strength and power can also be combined to tone the legs. According to exercise physiologist Marta Montenegro, as cited by Shape, a person needed a mix of strength and power, which would also help her burn more calories faster, and build lean and strong legs. As per Montenegro, the person performs a lunge around the clock (beginning at six and ending at ten, which is called a side lunge). The person does three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions of the movement. Once done, she does split jumps with no weight, switching her leg position everytime she lands for 15 counts. This will allow complete engagement of the muscle fibers.


Squats is a common workout at the gym. According to Men’s Fitness, the person grabs the bar as far apart as is comfortable and steps under it. Then, he places it on his lower trapezius or traps and squeezes his shoulder blades together. Next, he pushes his elbows up and nudges the bar out of the rack. After that, he takes a step or two back and stands with his feet shoulder width and his toes turned mildly outward. The person takes a deep breath and bends his hips back and then bends his knees to lower his body as far as he can without losing the arch in his lower back. Then, he pushes his knees outward as he descends and finally, he drives vertically with his hips to come back up, continuing to push his knees outward.

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Toning the legs will not only help in the movements stated above. Having toned legs also assists the person carry his body weight and prevent falls and injury.




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