Toothache: Facts and Home Remedies

Toothache is seen one of the distressing conditions for many people. It diverts one’s attention to focus on the pain, preventing him to accomplish his activities of daily living.

Causes and Epidemiology

Toothache has a variety of causes. According to Delta Dental of California, tooth decay often stands as the main cause of a toothache. However, other causes of the disease include infection, gum disease, bruxism or grinding teeth, tooth trauma, an abnormal bite, and tooth eruption in babies and school-age children.

As per the publication, temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD, as well as facial muscle tension, may also lead to discomfort that mimics a toothache. However, these health conditions are usually coupled with a headache.

According to United States National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health, toothache prevalence was 17.7 percent and multivariable data analysis showed that people who have low family income and low educational attainment reported toothache than their opposite population. The publication added that smokers and problem drinkers have higher risk of having the condition in the former half of the year. In this regard, it is assumed that the toothache prevalence is not negligible and this prompts leaders to yield policies and support when it comes to oral health services.

Signs and Symptoms

Along with pain, toothache also has other symptoms. According to Orajel’s website, the type of pain in the area may be throbbing, sharp, constant, and it can also be triggered when pressure is applied. Also, the gums swell and become painful, in addition to a bad taste in the mouth due to the infection. To add, the tooth may become abscessed, which causes the surrounding bone to become infected. The pus may also suggest a gum disease, which is often characterized by the inflammation of the soft tissue, gum bleeding, and unusual bone loss surrounding the teeth. Furthermore, toothache may be accompanied by fever or headache.

Home Remedies

While dental medications are available for toothache, people can use the following home remedies.

Ginger-cayenne paste is one of the agents for toothache. According to Reader’s Digest, the person just mixes equal parts of both spices with water to form a paste. Next, a small cotton ball is rolled into the paste to saturate it. Then, it is placed on the tooth, but avoiding the gums and the tongue. The soaked cotton ball is left until the pain subsides or as long as he can stand it. As per the publication, the spices can also be used separately, since they both have analgesic or pain-killing properties. A case in point is capsaicin which is found in cayenne; it is known for its ability to block pain messages from reaching the brain.

Another agent as remedy for toothache is asafetida. According to Top 10 Home Remedies, the person just adds a pinch of asafetida to lemon juice. Next, he warms it mildly. Then, he uses a cotton pad to apply the solution on the affected area. As per the publication, this relieves the toothache. As an alternative, the person may also fry the asafetida in butter and the resulting mixture is put in the tooth cavity for relief.

Salt water is another key treatment to manage toothache. According to Arizona Family Dental, peppermint has numbing properties like cloves and such properties are useful in pain treatment. The person can either place a cold tea bag on the painful area or put the bag in the freezer for a few minutes, before applying it to the tooth.

Toothache can be frustrating for many and it interrupts a person from doing his daily tasks. While it is not as serious and as life-threatening as asthma and heart attack, it is vital to seek medical consult from a health professional to prevent potential complication.

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