FitnessExercises to Lose Bra Bulge

Exercises to Lose Bra Bulge

Regardless of what cup size you are, chances are you have experienced bra bulge at one point in time. This may be due to wearing the wrong bra size but it might also be due to the fats accumulating in this area which causes your skin to bulge. Fortunately, you can get rid of bra bulge with the right exercises so you will be able to tone your muscles in this area. As a matter of fact, here are some examples of workouts that can prevent bra bulge from occurring.

Incline chest fly and press. Lie down on an inclined bench with each hand holding a dumbbell with hands positioned in front of you. Your elbows should be locked in place and your hands facing one another. Open your arms out to your sides slowly and make sure that they are straight with palms facing upward. Extend your hands until you feel a stretch in your chest and back. Bring arms back in first position then bring them back down to your sides but this time with your elbows bent to 90 degrees. Press arms back up while squeezing weights together. Repeat the steps for one minute.

Upright rows. Stand straight with feet at shoulder-width apart. Hold a 6 to 15 pound dumbbell or weighted bar with hands at shoulder-width apart. On exhale bend your elbows out to your sides to raise the bar to the same height as your shoulders. As you inhale, lower the bar back to its first position to complete one rep. Do 10 to 15 reps.

Mountain climbers. Go into a plank position with your hands underneath your shoulders and your legs extended behind you and with your back straight. Make sure that your glutes are tight, your abs engaged, and your elbows locked. Raise one knee towards your chest with the ball of the foot on the ground. Quickly jump to switch legs while you are in the air. Don’t forget to keep your back straight throughout the exercise.

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Bar raises. Hold a weighted bar (6-15 lbs.) with an overhand grip with your hands positioned at shoulder-width apart. Stand straight with your feet at shoulder-width apart as well. While keeping your arms straight and without locking your elbows, raise the bar higher than your shoulders as you exhale. On inhale, lower your arms back to your first position. This completes one rep. You should do 10 to 12 reps.

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Overhead pullovers. Lie down on your back on your mat with each hand holding a 5 to 10 pound dumbbell. Extend both arms before you with the weights overhead and your palms pointing toward your feet. From this pose, bring the weights overhead and lower them to the ground without touching the floor. Engage your chest muscles to bring back your arms back to their first position. This counts as one rep. Do 10 to 12 reps or more.

With these exercises incorporated into your daily fitness routine, you will be able to tone the muscles n your chest and back to get rid of bra bulge.







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