Foods to Avoid If You’re Taking Antibiotics


If there is an infection going on in your body, it’s not unlikely for your doctor to give you a course of antibiotics. However, taking your antibiotics as instructed is not enough — it’s also important for you to monitor what you eat as there are certain foods that can actually keep antibiotics from working optimally.

Continue reading this article if you are currently taking antibiotics to know which foods you should dodge!

But before we enumerate them, let us first devote a little of our time to getting to know the reasons why it’s not a good idea to take certain foods when you’re on antibiotics. Actually, there are three possible reasons why certain foods can actually reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics:

They can prevent antibiotics from being properly absorbed 

They can slow down the rate of absorption of antibiotics 

They can meddle with the breaking down of antibiotics by your body

Now let’s check out some of the foods you should refrain from consuming while on antibiotics:


Because of its acidity, grapefruit — as is or in juice form — should be avoided while you are taking antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. That’s because anything acidic can impede proper absorption of antibiotics. Needless to say, it’s also important for you to stay away from other fruits that are just as acidic as grapefruit — oranges, lemons and others.


We all know that soda is bad for the health. It is especially a must for you to turn your back on it while you are popping antibiotics in your mouth — the acidity of soda can keep your body from fully absorbing antibiotics.

Coffee and Alcohol

Just like soda, coffee is highly acidic — and that’s why you should refrain from having a cup of it until such time that you have taken all of the antibiotics that were prescribed to you. It’s also a good idea for you to refrain from drinking alcohol because, according to doctors, it may worsen some of the side effects that some antibiotics tend to bring.

Whole Grains

Everyone knows that high-fiber foods such as oatmeal, quinoa and brown rice are very healthy. However, you should stay away from them or greatly limit their intake if you are on antibiotics — fiber can actually delay the release of antibiotics from your GI tract to your bloodstream, and this can postpone your being free from an infection.


Beans, peas and lentils are all packed with fiber just like whole grains, and that’s why their consumption should also be avoided by anyone who is currently on antibiotics.

Milk and Dairy

Are you aware that certain nutrients in foods can actually prevent proper absorption of antibiotics? One of them is calcium, which can be found abundantly in milk and other dairy products. So in other words, refrain from adding them to your everyday diet while you are still on your antibiotics. However, there is one exception to the rule — yogurt. That’s because yogurt replaces those beneficial bacteria in your gut that are wiped out by antibiotics.


Even though there is no denying that spinach is good for you, you should consider limiting its intake when you are given antibiotics by your doctor. That’s because its iron content can actually inhibit antibiotic absorption. It’s also a good idea for you to refrain from having iron-fortified foods for the moment.


Because beef and chicken liver are rich in iron, they are a no-no when you are under antibiotics. If you are taking iron supplements, make sure that you inform your doctor about it.

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