Healthy Picks Surprising Reasons Why You Should Eat Taro Shoots

Surprising Reasons Why You Should Eat Taro Shoots

We all know how yummy and nutritious taro root is. Did you know that it’s also a wonderful idea for you to include taro shoots in your diet on a regular basis? If you are on the hunt for new healthy vegetables to welcome into your life, continue reading to know why taro shoots should be one of them.

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Just like what the name says, taro shoots are buds growing from the rhizomes of taro roots. People have been talking mostly about taro roots, and rarely do they put the spotlight on taro shoots. Well, it’s high time that things change because taro shoots are also highly beneficial as other vegetables.

It is in Asia where taro shoots are very popular vegetables. Often, they are stewed. In various parts of the said continent, taro shoots are commonly cooked together with coconut milk.

Here are some of the reasons why you should start eating taro shoots:

They Help Prevent Constipation

Fiber is one of the most abundant nutrients present in taro shoots. Because of this, the addition of taro shoots to your diet on a regular basis can help in keeping constipation at bay. Just see to it that you cook those taro shoots very well so that they can be easier to digest by your stomach.

They May Ward Off Colon Cancer, Too

A diet that’s rich in fiber, according to doctors, may help lower a person’s risk of having colon cancer. Needless to say, consuming taro shoots that are loaded with fiber may keep colon cancer from striking. By the way, taro shoots may also save you from having those embarrassing and definitely uncomfortable hemorrhoids.

They May Lower Heart Disease Risk

Eating taro shoots may also help in considerably lowering heart disease risk. That’s because their fiber content helps lower bad cholesterol, and the potassium in them causes the blood pressure to normalize. Both high bad cholesterol and high blood pressure are considered as heart disease risk factors.

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They Help Control Blood Sugar

If you are diagnosed with diabetes or you are at high risk of developing this metabolic disorder, it’s a good idea for you to consume taro shoots and other fiber-packed vegetables. It’s for the fact that they are very good at controlling the levels of sugar in the blood, keeping the various complications of hyperglycemia from striking.

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They Also Strengthen the Immune System

You may obtain good amounts of vitamin C from every serving of taro shoots. Everyone knows that vitamin C is a booster of the immune system, which means that it can help in lowering your risk of infections like the flu and common cold. Vitamin C in taro shoots, by the way, is also needed by the skin for it to remain healthy and beautiful.

WARNING: Just like taro roots, taro shoots are toxic in raw form. So before consuming them as vegetables, make sure that you thoroughly cook taro shoots to have the poisonous compounds in them neutralized.

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