Surprising Health Benefits of Watching Funny Video Clips Online

No matter if your go-to funny video clips on the internet are about cats miscalculating distances prior to jumping, people acting hilarious after being sedated at the dental clinic or gorgeous supermodels tripping on the runway in the most graceless of ways, just keep on watching them, health experts say.

Are you aware that checking out side-splitting online video clips offers tons of benefits?

So if you love spending most of your free time viewing these gems using your smartphone, tablet or computer and you like to know what sort of health perks you can enjoy from doing so, read on. Share this article afterwards to let your family and friends know, too, the reasons why they should just keep watching funny video clips online!

It Powers Up Your Immune System

We all know that vitamin C-rich foods are very good at strengthening the immune system. But did you know that laughter is also capable of doing the same? According to scientists, laughing activates some of the immune cells in your boy. So to reduce your risk of infections, just watch more and more of those infectious funny videos.

It Reduces Stress

Laughing also has the ability to lower the levels of stress hormones in the body, based on numerous studies. In other words, checking out those funny video clips in cyberspace that you love can be regarded as a stress-busting activity that is easily accessible and also so much easier on the pocket than hitting a day spa.

It Helps Manage Anxiety

Often bugged by anxious thoughts? Make them go away ASAP by logging on the internet and watching one funny video clip after the other. When you laugh, your brain is flooded with chemicals that make you feel happy, and they are powerful enough to drive your anxious thoughts away.

It Also Combats Mild Depression

Rather than watch depressing romantic films and snack on gallons and gallons of rocky road ice cream each time you’re not feeling fine, grab your smartphone or tablet and start checking out the latest funny video clips posted on the internet —  they’re great at lifting your mood without the need to stuff your face and gain weight.

It Eases Insomnia

Stress, anxiety, depression — these things can leave you sleepless at night. Because all of them can be alleviated simply by laughing, then you can consider watching those funny video clips on the web as an all-natural remedy for insomnia. Just make sure that you don’t spend the entire night checking them out as that would be counterproductive.

It Actually Burns Calories

Did you know that laughing actually burns calories? Although checking out amusing video clips on the internet is definitely no replacement for jogging, bicycling or pumping iron, it’s something that allows you to get rid of a few unwanted calories. But avoid spending the entire day watching them!

It Lowers High Blood Pressure

According to studies, laughing is something that causes the blood vessels to dilate, thus regulating the blood pressure. But this does not mean, however, that viewing hilarious videos posted in cyberspace can be used as a replacement for antihypertensive drugs, Make sure that you also follow your doctor’s orders.

It May Keep Heart Disease at Bay

Because laughing can lower the blood pressure and high blood pressure is regarded as a risk factor for heart disease, it only means that watching those online funny video clips you love may help fend off heart disease. Of course it’s also important for you to regularly exercise and have a healthy lifestyle and diet.

What sort of funny video clips posted on the internet you do not get tired of watching? Feel free to share the reasons why in the comments section below!

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