Remedies Indonesian Remedies for Digestive Issues

Indonesian Remedies for Digestive Issues

Having an optimally functioning digestive system is very important. After all, it’s through which that your body gets to obtain all of the nutrients present in the food you consume. Problems concerning the gastrointestinal tract can certainly lead to a host of complications, ranging from indigestion, excess gas formation, diarrhea to malnutrition.

In this article, you will learn about some herbs that are widely employed in Indonesia by those who are experiencing all kinds of problems related to the digestive system.

Remember to repost this article after checking its entirety especially if you have family members and friends who prefer to use healing herbs rather than take pharmaceutical remedies and subject themselves to tons of side effects. However, remind them that they should inform their doctor before trying any herb for medicinal purposes.

Sisik Naga

When translated to English, the Indonesian herb means dragon silk. You have to look up if you want to come across this plant because it likes to grow on the branches of tall trees for survival. Anyway, in Indonesia this herb is commonly used for dealing with a stomachache. At times it is also recommended for bleeding stomach ulcers.

Akar Manis

This root herb has a very sweet taste, and that’s why it is commonly turned into a tea in Indonesia. Usually, it is used for putting an end to an achy stomach due to a variety of reasons such as acid reflux, indigestion and ulcers. To turn akar manis into a tea, you simply have to put a few of it in a cup of hot milk.

Adem Ati

Chill in the heart — this is what adem ati means in English. Well, you will surely feel chilled having this around if you are suffering from enteritis, which is the inflammation of the small intestines that is accompanied by diarrhea because it is an excellent herbal remedy for such digestive problem.

Keji Beling

You can easily find keji beling in many house gardens in Indonesia. That’s because it’s easy to cultivate, it’s nice to look at, and it has so many medicinal purposes. Primarily, Indonesian traditional healers use it for treating diarrhea. Many also rely on this herb for managing blood glucose, lowering cholesterol and preventing heart palpitations.

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There is an Indonesian herb called beluntas, and it is commonly turned into a tea to be used as mouthwash for dealing with halitosis — a fancy name that doctors use to refer to bad breath. A lot of Indonesians also consume this herb in tea form each time they are suffering from excess gas or flatulence.

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A lot of countries in Southeast Asia use the herb sambiloto for dealing with so many health problems. It is very popular among individuals who are afflicted with diabetes as it’s very good for regulating the blood glucose levels. In Indonesia, it is consumed in the form of a tea to alleviate abdominal pain and cramping.

Aloe Vera

Everywhere you go, it seems like aloe vera is a popular remedy for an assortment of skin and hair issues. In Indonesia as well as so many other parts of the planet, aloe vera is often turned into juice and consumed for dealing with heartburn due to acid reflux. It is also a well-known solution for constipation as it has mild laxative properties.

WARNING: Make sure that you pay the hospital a visit if the digestive system-related symptoms you are experiencing refuse to go away or seems like they are intensifying even after trying to deal with them using some tried and tested home remedies. Before you try any herb or herbal preparation, see to it that you inform your primary health care provider about it beforehand. This is especially true if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a known medical condition. It’s a good idea to use any herb under the direct supervision of a trained and an experienced herbalist.

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